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Audio Interface and Compressor patched in

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Audio Interface and Compressor patched in

Postby Pitchfork » Tue Nov 27, 2012 2:53 pm

I have done this before a few years ago but just need reminding..

I have a MOTU 828mk2 and an outboard compressor again, its been a while chopping and changing interfaces etc that I needed to permanently plug my compressor into the 828 but just remind me that doing it this way only needs standard mono 1/4' jack leads

so Compressor in/out > 1/4' leads x2 > 828 channels 3/4 (for example) and back again to complete a 'loop'

Then I can set up an external effect and the like in Ableton or in Logic with i/o?

Just want to get the right cables, as I know Y insert leads don't work on a straight audio interface/compressor connection..

I was looking at these (x4) :
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