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How to chose the correct audio interface?

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How to chose the correct audio interface?

Postby raitken » Tue Dec 04, 2012 3:50 pm

Hello everyone,

I am new to SOS and also very new to audio production, a hobby I have been getting into over the past 2 months or so.

I am desperate to set up my own project/home studio but am finding it extremely difficult to get to grips with the various items of hardware I need in order to get started.

So far, my set up consists of -

Macbook pro, Midi Keyboard with USB connection, Alesis M1 Active MK2 speakers, 1 turntable.

I realise that inorder to start working properly I will need a sound card/ audio interface to connect everything up properly, but despite advice from numerous friends I am still unable to work out exactly what interface is best suited to my needs.

Ideally I want to be able to hook up my speakers, a microphone and headphones to my mac for use with Reason and Logic. I would also ideally like to be able to connect my turntable to my mac inorder to record samples directly from vinyl (which I am told can be done through Logic).

I realise that I will require a certain number of inputs/ outputs to achieve this but am still uncertain how these work. Also, concepts such as preamps and phantom power still confuse me (despite reading several guides).

I apologise for what must seem like a pretty remedial query to most of you but if anyone can take pity on me long enough to explain, in the most basic way possible, exactly what I will need to achieve the set up I am after then I will be extremely grateful.

Thanks for reading and thank you in advance for any serious replies!
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Re: How to chose the correct audio interface?

Postby The Korff » Tue Dec 04, 2012 4:46 pm

Ahoy! If your Macbook has a Firewire port (some of the newer ones don't!) then I'd go for something like this. It's got turntable inputs, two mic inputs and a headphone out, plus some line outs for your speakers. Job's a good'n.


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