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Just reading an article from 1998...

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Just reading an article from 1998...

Postby Richie Royale » Tue Jun 18, 2013 11:46 am ... oldie.html

There are some interesting views on the future here:

Macs are like black holes; everything in the studio is slowly getting sucked into them. Pretty soon everything you need in the studio will be sitting in one.

That was fairly obvious at the time to some extent but I think this one is closer to where we are at with Slate's Raven MTX:

"I honestly think that everything in the studio will go into the computer at some stage; that's where it's headed. Ideally, you need a big 11-foot display with all sorts of touch screens on it; that would be brilliant. Everything you need should be there in front of you: mixing, sequencing, patching, effects, the lot. That's what I don't like about the digital desks; you have to remember how you've got things set up. I've got a 20-inch screen on my Mac and a 17-inch one next to it, but there's still not enough room to view everything. All you need is for the interface to be big enough; that's the only thing that holds back computers.
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