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What happens if "nearfields" (TR8XL's) are used from 15-17 feet away, and 8 feet up?

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What happens if "nearfields" (TR8XL's) are used from 15-17 feet away, and 8 feet up?

Postby alexis » Fri Jul 12, 2013 2:37 am

Hi - The challenge du jour: I have been using my home speakers as an alternative listening/mixing set up. They are about 15 feet apart, on bookshelves about 8 feet up. My comfy chair is in the equilateral listening position, when viewed from above (it is on the floor :) ). The shelves they are on are actually recessed a foot or two,with a fireplace "sticking out" a bit between them, but there is a clear line of sight from the chair to the entire speakers. Room treatment in the family room is "au natural".

I haven't been listening to my mixes through my usual Event TR8 XLs lately as the small bedroom I had previously occupied as my "music room" is temporarily unavailable. I was wondering if it would be worth putting them up there as well? ... or are they called "near fields" for a good reason ... not expected to work well for mixing unless one is 3-4 feet away in the usual set up ... and the results would be expected to be quite unhelpful in making mixing decisions?

And there's more: if it's thought it would be worth a try to put the Event TR8 XLs up there, they would have to be laid horizontally to fit in the bookshelf. In that circumstance, would the tweeters be better toward the center, or out to the outside?

Thanks for any suggestions!
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