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Kontakt 5 Slowing and slicing a loop - am I being a moron (rhetorical)?

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Kontakt 5 Slowing and slicing a loop - am I being a moron (rhetorical)?

Postby lukeandrewhill » Mon Sep 09, 2013 1:31 pm


Please could someone help - I am relatively new to the world of Kontakt 5, but basically all I want to do it slow a loop down then split it into slices mapped over a few notes of the piano roll in my DAW (Logic - easy enough using the EXS 24 but for whatever reason I want to use Kontakt). I have managed to do this, but it involved importing the loop into a new Kontakt instrument, slowing the beat using Time Machine Pro2, exporting and triggering that slowed loop from Logic, bouncing that file, converting it to a wav, dropping the wav into a new Kontakt instrument, then slicing that and exporting using the export to midi button thing.

Every time I tried to do it in one step, depending what setting on TM Pro or Beatmachine I used it played back: a) twice as fast as intended; b) at the right speed but with really noticeable sort of pauses between each slice; or at the original speed of the loop.

My project is set to 119 bpm, the loop's original speed is 76 bpm, but I want the loop to play at effectively 59.5 (i.e. half 119) bpm - this might be the source of my problems, but I tried having Kontakt not sync'd to Logic and setting the global tempo in Kontakt to 59.5 but it still didn't work.

Any thoughts or advice (other than read the manual - I have - a lot) would be welcome.

Many thanks all

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