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Mac Mini and Interference Problem

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Mac Mini and Interference Problem

Postby Stuadh » Sat Feb 23, 2013 4:53 pm


I have been suffering from a debilitating interference problem ever since I moved house and set up my studio. I have stripped down the studio to see at what point the interference comes back and I need some help to solve this

I removed every connecting and power cable and then slowly built up the system as follows:

speakers (inactive) and amp.
Mac Mini
NEC monitor
Alesis io14 using Firewire to Mac Mini, audio cables to Amp.

At this point, the high pitched interference started again.

Turning off the monitor doesn't stop it, but unplugging it from the mains does. I have plugged the monitor into a separate power socket - no change.
I have inserted a DI box between the Alesis and the Amp and this has reduced the interference, but not stopped it.

The interference seems linked to changes on the monitor.

I haven't yet connected up the rest of the studio as this seems to the root of the noise. Can anyone help me eradicate this?

I do have another monitor on the way, but I was intending to use both monitors in an extended desktop.


I've just plugged in one of my synths (large analogue modular). The monitor interference can now be controlled using the input level on the Alesis. Isolating the synth using the DI box gets rid on the this, but the original volume of interference reurns (I only have one DI box).

Yours Aye

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Re: Mac Mini and Interference Problem

Postby SecretSam » Wed Feb 27, 2013 9:22 am

Sounds like the Alesis box is the problem. Maybe it got knocked during the move, or maybe a different electrical environment puts more demand on its not-very-thorough shielding. Confirm or deny this by using a different i/o device, or by just using the Mac's native audio out. If this makes the noise go away, have the bloke in the shop take a look at the Alesis.
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Re: Mac Mini and Interference Problem

Postby G-Doubleyou » Wed Feb 27, 2013 4:44 pm

Make sure you keep power sources away from audio signal cables.

Also shorter audio cables may help, longer ones can act like an antenna.

If other pieces of gear are affected, could be dirty power to your building.

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