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NI RC24 stops audio. bad apple or something else?

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NI RC24 stops audio. bad apple or something else?

Postby Guest » Sun Sep 29, 2013 2:46 pm

Hello. i hope this is correct forum.

I just purchased NI reverb klassics bundle plug ins(RC24/48) into REAPER.

downloaded and activated ok. but then, RC24 stopped passing audio, unless the wet/dry knob on Reaper FX dialogue window was incrementally turned to 'o'. It did work then suddenly it didn't.
closed Reaper, reloaded project...and now it works.

On Cockos forum, another guy had the same issue, and we both wonder if it will happen again at a critical moment and maybe it indicates some issue?

I used latency check tools on the lap top and i'm assured it's good to go.

Does this point to some deeper issue or do plug ins do that sometimes, or is it just a bad apple

any thoughts welcomed.

Besides Sonoris SMEQ/PMEQ these are the only plug in's i have ever purchased.
(i did get Valahall VV & Shimmer later)

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