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We fickle guitarists...

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We fickle guitarists...

Postby Jay Menon » Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:54 pm

It's 1956, and the Gibson Les Paul Gold Top with P90s is too noisy.

So Gibson commissions Seth Lover to make a noiseless pickup.

The humbucker is born. But It sounds so dull that Gibson sits on it - and finally releases it in response to Gretsch's filtertron.

Yet when humbucker equipped Superstrat Ibanez / Charvel type guitars managed to regenerate some of that brightness - we don't like it.

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Re: We fickle guitarists...

Postby Wonks » Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:57 am

But a lot of guitar amps were pretty dull sounding back at the birth of the humbucker - especially the British ones (hence the common use of treble boosters with Marshalls and AC30s).

And I'd never call the majority of PAFs 'dull' sounding, most were very clean sounding, though fuller than a Fender single coil. They just came out at a time when the Fender clean sound was still very much in fashion, so 'dull' is a relative term here. Plus the extra output drove the smaller amps into drive a lot more easily, which simply wasn't wanted at the time.

But after a few years, musical tastes changed and the British and US blues guitarists started picking up on the overdriven sound that humbuckers could make, and suddenly a lot of people start wanting humbuckers.

Move on into the '70s and amps started getting brighter and higher wattage speakers became more common, so that the speakers weren't breaking up unless pushed really hard.

So today you've got bright amps, brighter sounding humbuckers and they can sound too shrill as a result.

I had a 2016 Ibanez S670QM for a short while fitted with their relatively new Quantum pickups. Nasty shrill things. Even the single coil with Alnico V magnets was very bright. If that's the current trend in rock pickups, then I certainly don't like them.
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Re: We fickle guitarists...

Postby ore_terra » Mon Apr 24, 2017 12:43 pm

Agree with Wonks: PAF style humbuckers arent dull at all. Got 2 gibsons with custombuckers and 1 with antiquities and they're quite trebly in bridge (I still havent played any telecaster as good as my SG :D ) and cristal clear in neck position

... and I use a JMI 15
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