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Synced MIDI files for sliced/ sampled vocals?

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Synced MIDI files for sliced/ sampled vocals?

Postby Prado » Tue Jan 04, 2011 7:55 pm

I recently acquired Emulator X3 and I am really enjoying learning to use this softsampler. So far I've found setting up my own presets a snap: find a factory preset I like that seems close to my samples; create a voicing template from the factory preset; create a mod matrix template from the same factory template; import my samples; tweak them; lay them out on the keyboard; and, apply the chosen voicing and mod matrix templates and save. Voila!

Yes, I know I need to dig deeper into those 'cords,' but it is gratifying to be able to get some useful sounds right away.

Anyway, this has led me to an old dilemma: how to create properly synced midi files for a vocal.

In Emulator X3 you can import the whole vocal file and 'beat analyze' it, and then take it to a window where the sections from the entire file broken into your indicated phrases and sent to the keyboard chromatically while a midi file with the same timing is exported. But this is not really very satisfactory, as you don't have individual note samples you can manipulate ... you just have playback of regions of a single file, really like the Twistaloop feature.

Alternatively you can 'Acquire/ Load' the vocal and chop its phrases, resulting in individual samples. But in this procedure there is not may to create a synced midi file.

So you have to do both processes ... one to create your preset and one to create your synced midi file.

I've also tried doing this by using Recycle instead. But while the midi file is fine, the vocals always seem to have a lot of artefacts and are pretty useless when chopped to samples. So I still have to go through the 'Acquire/ Load/ Chop' proceedure.

There must be some other easier way to create a properly synced midi file. Any suggestions.


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