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Clavia nord ex 76 as a master keyboard?

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Clavia nord ex 76 as a master keyboard?

Postby apeshake » Mon Jun 06, 2011 7:35 pm

I've been looking for a good weighted master keyboard for my studio set up, keyboard action being my main concern

I've come across a good deal on a nord stage ex 76 (£1400), and I'm wondering if anyone here is using one in that way (or an ex 88) and would (or wouldn't) recommend it? From what I've heard the onboard sounds are very good so that will be a bonus but not essential - the thing is I don't know of any good weighted controller keyboards that don't cost pretty much the same... And if I am going to get a keyboard with sounds I like the nord best from what i know

I'm a bit worried about the midi implementation after reading the SOS stage 88 review (the part about having to really slam the keys to get above 50 velocity). I would want to assign the controllers to control other synths I have (both virtual and physical)

One day I might even play it live!
Thanks in advance, any advice much appreciated
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