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New attic studio - Very odd room shape - Looking for a few treatment tips

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New attic studio - Very odd room shape - Looking for a few treatment tips

Postby Mondegreen » Wed Mar 28, 2012 1:07 pm

Hi Guys

I'm new to the forums but an avid reader, I thought it might be time to come online and share a bit of a problem I'm having at home. Basically the time on opportunity have arrived to create a dedicated studio in the attic. With parents and other family living in the house, its going to be for both my benefit and theirs to get some treatment in to prevent spill and get it sounding a bit nicer.

Here's what I'm working with.

Room Pics

Dimensions are 4.5m long, 4m at wide section, 3m at narrow section and 3m high.

Now apart from some very slight high "basketball ping" reflections, it's a fairly dead room and having all those un-parallel surfaces certainly helps with that. My plan is to put my desk and mixing position front and centre to the window and my drums on a floating floor by the radiator on the back wall.

The main problem I think I'm going to have is bass spill, especially with those boxy alcoves. I've got around £150 to spend and have been looking at room packs by auralex and universal acoustics and although they'll probably make the room sound better by breaking up a lot of those flat surfaces. I'm skeptical as too how much the few bass traps included will help.

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Re: New attic studio - Very odd room shape - Looking for a few treatment tips

Postby JH Brandt » Sun Apr 01, 2012 3:27 am


I think your main concern is noise 'spilling' over into the residence... For this you will need more than acoustic 'treatment'.

Many folks confuse the two... isolation and treatment. Treatment can very slightly affect isolation at voice frequencies, however it will do nothing at low frequencies.

I would recommend a basement if at all possible because you cannot isolate the LF properly in an upstairs room without a massive floating floor... and it gets very expensive. ;)

Otherwise, you could add a IIC (Impact Isolation Class) floor to reduce sound from flanking through the floor and into the building structure. - AND install a solid-core door at the entrance with good seals (like an exterior door).
-- If your building is brick/cement and floor is cement, you may already have approx. STC47-54 not counting flanking paths. so, eliminate flanking paths and seal up the entrance.

Windows present another issue & you will need ventilation. You may be able to add an operable swinging pane to the window using thick laminated glass for mass...

Good luck!
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