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Usable dimension for vocal/guitar booth.

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Usable dimension for vocal/guitar booth.

Postby christianmurphy » Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:24 pm

Up until now my home studios been used for demo/personal stuff. However recently I haven't been recording my drums as much, opting for a much quicker software replacement (Slate drums). My studios split into two rooms, small live room, and smaller control room.

Now I know my speakers will sound much better in the bigger room for monitoring, but up until now it's not been possible due to having my drums in that room. For song writing purposes with the band we decided to switch it round and leave my kit packed up as we rehearse at a space often anyway. After doing it I started wondering if the previous control room could be used as a vocal booth, and possibly for recording amps.

My question is, will the size of the room make it sound too awful to be properly useful. I was basically thinking I might actually purchase a much nicer pre (possibly something with spdif to skip my very average profire conversion) and a more top end mic, so I can actually track a lot of my bands final stuff at home. I'm more than happy to acoustically treat/foam the hell out of it to create a quite dead space. Just curious as to whether this would be a usable space in that sense or if the dimensions will just cause all sorts of problems on things such as louder/deeper vocals.

Dimensions are (LxWxH): 2.4 x 1.65 x 2.1 - If you were comparing it to the rest of the room, the length would actually be 1.65 and the width 2.4 if you can imagine that. As in it's the last portion of a rectangular space. So it's a pretty small space, with a pretty low ceiling too.

My knowledge on acoustics is limited, I know the basics but when it actually comes to the dimensions of a room and how that affects various sound sources I'm not really clued up (especially smaller spaces).

I'm not looking for miracles out of such a small space, just want to know whether the space would provide a good enough sound to justify a couple of grand spent on a nice mic and pre.
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