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where to get DJ equipment reviews?

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where to get DJ equipment reviews?

Postby onesecondglance » Mon Jan 09, 2012 9:54 am

one of my friends is a DJ on the jive and blues dance scenes - so usually playing through house PAs in small rooms in clubs and bars, either from CD decks or a laptop. occasionally, however, the dance groups do "weekenders" in different venues that sometimes don't have their own equipment, so he's trying to build up a small collection of portable PA, lighting, etc. nothing big, nothing fancy. think wedding DJ scale (but without the cheesiness ;)).

knowing i am into music tech he occasionally asks my advice on bits and pieces, but since i know next to nothing about lighting or DJ equipment i can't be that helpful.

if i were looking for a new audio interface i'd check out the reviews right here - where is the equivalent place for the stuff he's interested in?
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