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Spitfire launch London Contemporary Orchestra Strings

Jonny Greenwood & Frank Ocean collaborators tapped for new library

The latest library from Spitfire Audio comes at an exciting time in music composition. Many in the scoring world have witnessed a recent shift in sounds and techniques utilised for major works - experimental performances and textures, evolving the traditional idea of what music to picture might be.

Among those at the vanguard are a group of influential young musicians: London Contemporary Orchestra. Their approach has attracted the likes of Radiohead, Jonny Greenwood, Frank Ocean, Jed Kurzel (Alien: Covenant, Assassin's Creed) and Justice, all of whom have enlisted them to collaborate. Not only that, their performances of exclusive works by artists like the recent Oscar-nominated Mica Levi have them pegged as the new go-to for forward-thinking orchestral music.

Spitfire have now collaborated with LCO to create what they're describing as "an exciting and experimental modern string library", allowing composers and producers the chance to take their work Further towards the experimental..

We're certainly intrigued to hear it in action. 

Here's the promo video from Spitfire:

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