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Discover The RØDE Difference

New web site and online campaign

Press Release: RØDE Microphones is proud to announce the launch of ‘The RØDE Difference’ (therodedifference.com), a new web site and online campaign that goes behind the scenes of the Australian microphone manufacturer, publicly sharing for the very first time the secrets and techniques behind how they produce their world-class microphones.

For over 20 years RØDE has designed and manufactured professional microphones and accessories from its headquarters in Sydney, Australia.

Bucking the trend and maintaining its manufacturing outside of the current low cost labour regions, RØDE relies on passionate and innovative product design, combined with precision automation and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to bring its products to market at prices that defy conventional logic.

This passion and ideology is encapsulated in The RØDE Difference. It represents an ethos that sets RØDE apart amongst its pro audio peers.

“In the early 1990s RØDE was one of a handful of companies that changed the status quo.” commented Peter Freedman, Founder and President of RØDE.

“We knew the time was right to produce world class recording equipment that was accessible to everyone.”

“It wasn’t easy. Lots of hard work, but history has proven that we made the right decision to invest in precision Australian design and manufacturing. Now almost 20 years later there are close to a million musicians, artists, filmmakers and engineers worldwide that have and continue to benefit from The RØDE Difference.”

Visitors to therodedifference.com will get to join Mr Freedman as he personally guides them on an intimate tour, sharing and explaining the company’s innovative manufacturing techniques and processes that were once closely guarded trade secrets.

Mr Freedman considers it an appropriate time to open the doors to the audio community and allow them to discover the extent of RØDE’s commitment to creating the very finest microphones.

“There are some companies that like to tout the romantic notion of ‘handmade’ microphones - visions of the grey-haired engineer in a pristine white lab coat spending days meticulously assembling a single transducer. But this isn’t what handmade means to microphones. You cannot produce products equal to the quality and consistency of RØDE in this way, when you are dealing in tolerance of thousands of a millimetre and you demand ultimate accuracy and consistency - it’s really a bit of a joke. Somewhat like suggesting you would purchase a laptop computer someone had ‘handmade’ with hobby shop parts and a soldering iron.”

RØDE’s manufacturing and product design methodologies are shared by only a handful of large and well established European and US based microphone manufacturers, but a key aspect to The RØDE Difference is that all the design, testing, manufacturing and technical expertise is owned and controlled in-house by RØDE.

The CNC machines RØDE have invested in are the same as those used by Swiss watch makers and high-end European and Japanese auto makers. Along with this RØDE designs and manufactures custom machines made in the RØDE engineering shop.

“The RØDE facility and engineering expertise is actually unique in the world of microphone manufacturing.” continued Mr Freedman. “Even the largest and most prestigious names subcontract infrequently-used test and analysis devices, as well as some complex machining processes. Some of the companies that supply our equipment have even asked us to show them how we are able to achieve the results we do. As an engineer and manufacturer, that makes me exceptionally proud.”

RØDE invites you to discover The RØDE Difference at www.therodedifference.com.


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