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Noveltech's Vocal Enhancer goes native

Former Powercore exclusive available in new formats

Noveltech Vocal EnhancerNoveltech Vocal EnhancerNoveltech's plug-ins used to be only available on the TC Electronic Powercore system. However, since Powercore went the way of the dodo, Noveltech have been porting their plug-ins over to native formats. The makers claim that Vocal Enhancer, the latest plug-in to have made the move, "dynamically boosts the 'desired' characteristics" in a vocal recording rather than statically using EQ. Even mastering engineer Bob Katz is sold on the product, saying "I think the Vocal Enhancer is an entirely new tool — in many cases better than a standard equaliser — to enhance the clarity and presence of vocals and help them in mixing, without making them sound harsh or edgy." Anyone who has read one of Bob's books will know this is high praise indeed. Read on for more information from Noveltech.

Press Release: American pro audio plug-in company Plugin Alliance LLC is pleased to announce availability of Noveltech Vocal Enhancer, an all-new native version of Alliance partner company Noveltech Audio’s unique vocal processing plug-in.

Noveltech Vocal Enhancer gives vocal recordings unprecedented clarity and crispness without unwanted side effects, thanks to Finnish high-quality audio technologies developer Noveltech Audio’s patented IAF (Intelligent Adaptive Filtering) technology that lies at its very core. Unlike conventional enhancers, it dynamically boosts the ‘desired’ characteristics in audio recordings, rather than statically boosting set frequencies, like an EQ, or artificially adding harmonics. However, since the algorithm involved constantly adapts itself to the source material, the results still sound natural when applying high amounts of processing — perfect for making vocals and a whole lot more besides simply sound a whole lot better!

Thanks to that innovative IAF technology, Noveltech Vocal Enhancer really couldn’t be simpler to use, requiring only two user parameters for basic operation (Focus Frequency and Enhancement) with an additional two-band filter section for fine-tuning purposes — perhaps not quite a make-it-sound-better button, but not far off!

So who better, then, to truly summarise the audio advantages of the Noveltech Vocal Enhancer plug-in than the brains behind IAF — namely, noveltech Audio’s Dr Ismo Kauppinen: “The IAF technology allows us to take the rocket science out of vocal processing. Even less experienced users will instantly achieve high-end results. And the ability to increase the material’s perceived definition is a feature previously unavailable on any sound processing tool!”

Technology in general, of course, stands still for no one, so — having previously been exclusive to TC Electronic’s now-discontinued proprietary PowerCore platform — now it’s possible to implement this tailored technology to run natively on today’s powerful PC and Mac computers; and, thanks to Plugin Alliance, the Noveltech Vocal Enhancer plug-in is available for a whole host of popular professional audio formats, including AU, AAX, RTAS, TDM, VENUE, VST. Ladies and gentlemen, choose your plug-in…

Available in 64- and 32-bit versions, Noveltech VOCAL ENHANCER can be purchased and downloaded in all Mac OS X and Windows formats directly from Plugin Alliance for $199.



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