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Propellerhead reveal Reason 7

Limited public beta now open!

Reason 7 and SynthsReason 7 and SynthsSwedish music software developers Propellerhead, have made upgrades to the mixer, rack and sequencer in the latest version of their DAW, Reason 7. A limited public beta has today been announced and it will be available for purchase in the second quarter of this year.

The new software boasts more advanced audio editing and audio quantisation features, as well as a more powerful mixer, which allows fast channel grouping and routing for mixing with subgroups, which will be very useful for drum processing. There is also MIDI Out funtionality which allows users to connect to external hardware instruments and a new spectrum analyser built into each channel strip.

The product video on the Propellerhead website mentions Audiomatic Retro Transformer, an effects unit which adds "vintage flavour" to your tracks, more details of which will be announced soon.

Along with all the third-party Rack Extensions that are now available, this is a significant upgrade for Reason. 

Further information from Propellerhead follows.

Press Release: Propellerhead announced today a new major version of its award-winning Reason music software. With over 90 third party Rack Extensions expanding Reason’s rack of instruments and effects already available, Propellerhead has focused its attention on new creative and inspirational improvements for the mixer, the rack and the sequencer.

With Reason 7, users can integrate all their instruments into Reason with MIDI out, automatic audio slicing and audio quantize, and even convert their recordings into REX loops for further creative possibilities in the rack. For mixing, Propellerhead is introducing a spectrum analyzer with visual EQ controls; group and parallel mix channels; and many workflow improvements to help users sound better, easier. To inspire, Reason 7 makes it easier to import audio from users’ music libraries and the web with support for mp3, aac, wma and more. The enhanced Factory Sound Bank comes fully loaded with tons of new loops and drum kits, while the new Audiomatic Retro Transformer effect unit adds a futuristic-vintage sound to any tracks, never more than a mouse-click away.

For more information and to watch the Reason 7 introduction video, visit: http://www.propellerheads.se/products/reason/new/

Reason users are invited to sign up for the limited public beta testing at the Propellerhead web site: www.propellerheads.seReason users are invited to sign up for the limited public beta testing at the Propellerhead web site: www.propellerheads.se

Pricing & availability

Reason 7 and Reason Essentials 2 begin limited public beta testing today and will be available for purchase worldwide in Q2 of 2013 at the following suggested retail pricing:

  • Reason 7 -  £349 RRP inc VAT
  • Reason Essentials 2 - £99 RRP inc VAT
  • Reason 7 Upgrade (from any previous Reason version) - £99 RRP inc VAT
  • Reason Essentials 2 upgrade from previous versions - FREE
  • Balance (includes upgrade to Reason 7 for owners of previous versions of Reason) - £349 RRP inc VAT

Propellerhead is also offering a grace period for purchasers of current versions of Reason, Reason Essentials and the Balance audio interface. Purchasing and registering a qualifying product today makes users eligible for a free upgrade to Reason 7. For details see: www.propellerheads.se/freeupgrade



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