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A different hat for every occasion

Stretch That Note release new Hi-hat instruments

Stretch That Note DruMM Elements 4: HatsStretch That Note DruMM Elements 4: HatsStretch That Note make high quality affordable drum sample libraries targeted mainly at hip hop, pop and RnB genres. The rhythmic foundation for these styles has to be strong so STN ensure that each of their samples is phase aligned and uniformly edited. The result, as they put it, is "a uniquely versatile instrument that enables you to layer both horizontally and vertically: you can put one drum on top of another; you can take the start of one drum sound and layer it with the middle and end of two different ones." Perhaps best of all, though, each of their modules only costs a few dollars.

The newest addition to the DruMM elements series is a collection of Hi-Hat samples that are configured into NI Kontakt instruments. As reviewer Oli Bell put it in his July review of STN's DruMM Series 1& 2, "if you’re a Kontakt user looking for some heavy drums with a slightly different, creatively quirky way of working, these modules are well worth a look, especially at the price".

Press Release: Sample-layering pioneers Stretch That Note (STN) have released a brand new virtual instrument to their innovative DruMM Elements series. Having previously delivered a wealth of uniquely controllable kick, snare, claps and bass instruments, STN have now trained their sights on the world of hi-hats — and more specifically to the kind of hi-hat that can transform a dull and plodding hip-hop, pop or RnB demo into a cutting-edge masterpiece with attitude!

If you prefer working directly in your DAW, the DruMM series modules are all downloadable as raw layered WAV sample sets — but what really makes these instruments tower over the offerings of other manufacturers is the powerful Kontakt scripting, which has been carefully programmed to do all the difficult sonic manipulation stuff for you, via an easy-to-use interface.

You want to manipulate the timing and phase relationships of different layered samples to make things sound brighter, darker, snappier or smoother? There’s a knob for that. And if you want to take advantage of Mid/Sides processing to get the stereo image of your final layered sound just right there’s a knob for that too. You can also crush the sound, add dirt, tweak the amp and filter envelopes… and a whole lot more. If you want something really refreshing, you really need to try washing your hats down with a good dose of ‘fizz’!

As with all instruments in this highly-acclaimed DruMM series, you get far more than a bunch of auto-sliced samples, and the clever scripting is just a start. The raw samples have all been painstakingly topped, tailed and separated out into discrete ADSR envelope elements manually, by STN’s layering guru Eddie Bazil, ensuring that every sample starts at the all-important transient — no sooner, no later. They’ve all been polarity matched too.

The result is a uniquely versatile instrument that enables you to layer both horizontally and vertically: you can put one drum on top of another; you can take the start of one drum sound and layer it with the middle and end of two different ones. And you can mix and match any of the sounds from this series freely, without worrying about gremlins like phase-cancellation ‘holes’ or timing discrepancies from sloppy edits detracting from your all-important groove.

Let’s face it, we all want to try before we buy these days. To that end, there’s a range of completely unrestricted taster modules for you to download and audition for free: no time limits, no noise bursts, no dongle — and no strings attached!

Sign up and receive 3 FREE Modules!

As well as the freebies, there are six modules available in the DruMM Elements Hats range, at only $10 each — or you can get the whole range for only $50. Which we think, quite frankly, is a bloody good price!



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