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Free Supernova sound pack for MiniNova and UltraNova

Novation celebrate their heritage with a free Supernova download

Supernova SoundPackSupernova SoundPackIt doesn't look like Novation are pausing for breath after heir recent Bass Station II and Launchpad S announcements. The latest news from the company is the availability of a free Supernova sound pack for MiniNova and UltraNova users. 

The original Supernova, released in 1998 proved to be a very powerful synth and received wide critical acclaim, even in the pages of SOS. Check out our review of the Supernova II here. It had high profile users ranging from Orbital to Jean-Michel Jarre, and its sounds were a defining feature of electronic music at the turn of the millenium.

The sound pack that Novation are making available for free is the first of two, and features sounds created by Phil McDonald, the sound designer behind the original Supernova sound patch 

For more information from Novation and the download link, read on.

Press Release: Novation’s groundbreaking Supernova set the standard for virtual analogue synthesisers when it was released in 1998. With its comprehensive modelling of traditional analogue subtractive synthesis, uniquely powerful multi-effects engine and expressive filter, the award-winning rack-mount Supernova and its successor, Supernova II, were the most powerful synths of their time – class leaders, still revered today. 

Sound designer Phil McDonald created the iconic sounds of the Supernova that changed the sound of dance music at the turn of the Millennium, powering classics by Orbital, ATB, Jean Michel Jarre and A Guy Called Gerald, plus many more. Now, with the massive revival of interest in the sounds and music of the period, Novation is proud to announce the release of two new SoundPacks for the MiniNova and UltraNova, containing sounds from the original Supernova sound banks, by the original sound designer. 

The Supernova SoundPacks give you the original classic sounds of the turn of the century – and they’re absolutely free. 

Listen to the demo on SoundCloud at https://soundcloud.com/novationmusic/super

The first of the two SoundPacks, with 64 sounds, is available to download now at http://uk.novationmusic.com/soundpacks, as part of Novation’s 21st Anniversary celebrations, with the second pack available later in the year. 

There’s also a video that shows MiniNova and UltraNova users how to install the SoundPack: http://youtu.be/uwNlqAz9HTA

To install the SoundPacks, you’ll need the free MiniNova or UltraNova Librarian applications. Use them to import and store new patches and the other SoundPacks for both synths, including the Chuckie, Dino Soldo and 2-volume Daniel Fisher SoundPacks.

Recapture the classic sounds of the Millennium, give your MiniNova or UltraNova a Supernova supercharge and make these sounds your own, with these classic original Phil McDonald sounds, absolutely free of charge.



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