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Novation Bass Station II Summer Tour 2013

See Novation's new product line-up in the UK

Novation TourNovation Tour

04-06-13 - More dates added! See below.

Sound On Sound will be publishing the world's first in-depth review of the Novation Bass Station II in the coming months, but if you live in the UK and want to experience Novation's new analogue synth before it's official mid-summer release, visit any of the following Novation dealers on the dates listed below. Novation product specialists will also be showcasing the brand new Launchpad S and Launchkey keyboard controllers.

For further information and registration details visit http://uk.novationmusic.com/uk-summer-tour-2013. Novation tell us that there will also be free stuff available and that beverages will be provided.

Mon 13th May: Guitar Guitar Digital (Glasgow) 12-3pm
Mon 13th May: Rubadub (Glasgow) 5-8pm
Tues 14th May: Red Dog Music (Edinburgh) 12-4pm 
Wed 15th May: SoundLive (Newcastle) 12-2pm 
Wed 16th May: Soundware  (Newcastle) 3-6pm 
Thur 16th May: Gear4Music (York) 10am-2pm 
Thur 16th May: Production Room (Leeds) 4pm-8pm
Fri 17th May: PMT (Leeds) 11am-2pm
Sat 18th May: Analogue to Digital Music Show 
Wed 22nd May: PMT (Bristol) 10am-2pm 
Wed 22nd May: Catapult Records (Cardiff) 4-8pm
Thur 23th May: Andertons Music  (Guildford) 2pm-6pm 
Fri 24th May: Absolute Music  10am-4pm
Sat 25th May: GAK 10am-4pm 
Thur 30th May: Dawsons (Reading) 4pm-8pm 
Fri 31st May: Musicroom  10am-1pm (Central London) 
Fri 31st May: DECKS.co.uk (London) 2-6pm 
Tues 4th June: Et Cetera  (Stockport) 12-2pm 
Wed 5th June: Dawsons  (Manchester) 1pm-5pm 
Thur 6th June: Dawsons (Liverpool) 10am-1pm 
Thur 6th June: Scan Pro Audio (Bolton) 4-5:30pm 
Fri 7th June: Music Junkie (Leicester) 12-4pm
Mon 10th June: WestendDJ (Central London) 10am-1pm 
Mon 10th June: Westend Productions (Central London) 2pm-6pm 
Tues 11th June: DJ Kit (Newbury) 10am-2pm 
Wed 12th June: Fairdeal Music (Birmingham) 2-5:30pm
Wed 12th June: Absolute Music (Birmingham - Venue Progess Academy 7-9pm 
Thur 13th June: PMT (Oxford) 9:30-12:30 
Thur 13th June: PMT (Northampton) 2-6pm 
Fri 14th June: PMT (Norwich) 9:30am-12:30pm 
Fri 14th June: PMT (Cambridge) 2-5pm 
Tues 18th June: Absolute Music (Clapham - Venue London School of Sound 5-8pm) 
Wed 19th June: WestendDJ North Circular) 1-5pm
Thurs 20th June: Knight Sound & Light  (London) 1-5pm
Mon 24th June: PMT (Manchester) 2-6pm 
Tues 25th June: Dawsons (Warrington) 10am-1pm 
Tues 25th June: Dawsons  (Chester) 2:30-5:30pm 
Wed 26th June: Musicroom  (York) 10am-1pm
Wed 26th June: Dawsons (Leeds) 2-5pm 
Thurs 27th June: Rich Tone Music (Sheffield) 10am-1pm 
Thurs 27th June: Musicroom (Nottingham) 2-5:30pm 
Fri 28th June: Studiospares (London) 10am-5pm
Sat 29th June: PMT (Birmingham) 11am-4pm 
Tues 9th July: Studioxchange  (Baldock, Herts) 12-4pm



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