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Novation announce Launchkey Mini

Itsy-bitsy teeny-weenie black and orange Launckey Mini

Novation Launchkey MiniNovation Launchkey MiniNovation's latest controller keyboard is a tiny little number based on the Launchkey which is reviewed in the upcoming October issue. The Launchkey Mini features 25 miniature keys, 16 velocity-sensitive three-colour launch pads and eight knobs, putting it up against various diminutive controllers including Akai's MPK Mini and Arturia's MiniLab. It's compatible with Mac, PC and iPad and ships with free Ableton Live Lite software that turns it into an integrated instrument out of the box.

It's set to be available in mid September and should cost $100£80 at dealers. For more information from Novation and a cool little video, scroll down!

Press Release: Novation is pleased to announce the release of Launchkey Mini, a compact new mini-key instrument/controller. It works immediately with the new Novation Launchpad and Launchkey iPad apps, and delivers hands-on control of major Mac and Windows-based music software including Ableton Live, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Cubase, Reason, and Logic.

Launchkey Mini features 16 velocity sensitive, three colour launch pads - use them to trigger sounds, effects, transport controls, and more. In addition Launchkey Mini features a 25-note keyboard, eight assignable rotary controls plus seven function buttons and a further two performance buttons. Compact and portable, Launchkey Mini is great for producing and performing at home or on stage.

Launchkey Mini At A Glance

  • Instrument/controller for iPad, Mac and PC
  • 25-note mini-keyboard
  • 26 assignable controls
  • 16 velocity sensitive, three colour launch pads
  • eight knobs, seven function buttons, two performance buttons
  • Free software for iPad, PC, and Mac makes Launchkey an integrated instrument out of the box

Additional Details

The latest in the growing family of Novation "Launch" products, Launchkey Mini provides an instantly accessible mini keyboard and launch pad controller for a wide range of software apps on iPad or computer. It's a keyboard/DAW controller with 26 assignable controls, offering fuss free hands-on control of major music software via Novation's easy-to-use "InControl" technology. The 16 launch pads are velocity-sensitive and can be used to play drum sounds and samples expressively, as well as launch clips and scenes in Ableton Live. Ableton Live Lite is included in the package, along with an extensive Loopmasters sample pack.

In addition, Launchkey Mini comes with a suite of apps for iPad, Mac and PC which transform the controller into a production and performance instrument. Use the free Launchpad app with Launchkey Mini on your iPad to trigger the included professional sample library and control effects, letting you produce and perform music straight away. Load in new pro sound packs and import your own samples for an even more unique performance, before sharing your creation with a growing fanbase. Launchkey Mini connects directly to your iPad with the Apple Camera Connection Kit (not included) and it's powered by the iPad.

The Launchkey app for iPad is a synth filled with Novation technology, allowing you to control notes with the Launchkey Mini's keyboard while warping the sound with the knobs or via intuitive multi touch control on the iPad's screen. The Launchkey and Launchpad apps sync together perfectly for simultaneous use. Launchkey Mini also integrates with the included V-Station and Bass Station soft synths for Mac and Windows.

Included Software

  • Novation Launchkey app (for iPad)
  • Novation Launchpad app (for iPad)
  • Ableton Live Lite
  • Novation V-Station soft-synth
  • Novation Bass Station soft-synth
  • Loopmasters sample pack

Availability: Worldwide September 2013

Pricing information: Launchkey Mini MSRP $124.99 / $99.99 at dealers 



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