A-D / D-A Converters News

Thumbnail for article: AES 2013: Radial USB Pro


AES 2013: Radial USB Pro

Stereo USB Laptop DI

Thumbnail for article: AES 2013: Benchmark DAC2 Series


AES 2013: Benchmark DAC2 Series

Digital to analogue converters

Thumbnail for article: SNAMM 2013: Emotiva DC-1 (Video)


SNAMM 2013: Emotiva DC-1 (Video)

24/192 fully differential DAC with professional balanced outputs

Thumbnail for article: SNAMM 2013: Tascam DA3000 (Video)


SNAMM 2013: Tascam DA3000 (Video)

High definition 2-track master recorder and AD/DA converter

Thumbnail for article: Antelope Audio Orion 32 now available


Antelope Audio Orion 32 now available

USB and MADI 32-channel AD/DA converter and master clock only takes up one rack unit

Thumbnail for article: Major update for Lynx Hilo


Major update for Lynx Hilo

Version 5 firmware released

Thumbnail for article: RedNet European Tour


RedNet European Tour

Focusrite & SAE announce audio network demos


Lynx update LT-HD for Aurora Converters

New Firmware offers improved performance with Avid systems

Thumbnail for article: AES 2011: Lynx Studio Technology Hilo (Video)


AES 2011: Lynx Studio Technology Hilo (Video)

Reference A/D D/A Converter System

Thumbnail for article: The Mothership has landed


The Mothership has landed

Burl Audio release B80 multi-channel converter

Thumbnail for article: Benchmark ADC16 announced


Benchmark ADC16 announced

Sixteen channels of high-quality A-D conversion

Thumbnail for article: AES 2010: Grace M903 (Video)


AES 2010: Grace M903 (Video)

High-quality D-A converter and monitor controller

Thumbnail for article: AES 2010: Antelope Audio Zodiac Gold (Video)


AES 2010: Antelope Audio Zodiac Gold (Video)

384kHz D/A converter


Aphex Systems update 140 series converters

Double sample-rates added to half-rack units

Thumbnail for article: CEntrance DACport USB Headphone Amp


CEntrance DACport USB Headphone Amp

24-bit/96kHz portable USB DAC


AES 2009: JCF DA8V

Extreme analogue D-A convertor

Although it's not something most entry-level producers consider investing precious pounds in, D-A (digital to analogue) conversion is an important process, especially when using outboard gear. A digital to analogue conversion takes place in all audio interfaces (where analogue monitor cables are used), and at the cheaper end of the...


Frankfurt 2009: Antelope Zodiac & Zodiac Plus

Desktop D-A converters

Master clock experts Antelope Audio have launched two new products aimed at the home- and project-studio market. The Zodiac and Zodiac Plus are both digital-to-analogue converters that have digital inputs, analogue outputs, and feature the same high-quality clock generators found in Antelope’s Trinity master clock. Antelope say the Zodiacs can be...


Crane Song Egret

Mixing in the box

After a long wait, the Crane Song Egret is finally available. Featuring eight channels of company founder Dave Hill-designed digital-to-analogue conversion (considered by many to be among the best around) and a stereo line mixer with a stereo auxiliary return, the 2U rack is described as a “highly versatile workstation...


Burl B2 Bomber ADC

Heads up!

US hardware manufacturers Burl make big claims about their latest product, an analogue-to-digital converter called the B2 Bomber. Firstly, it’s named after one of the most deadly aircraft in the world: the B2 ‘stealth’ bomber, which is capable of carrying 16 nuclear bombs, and sneaking undetected past enemy radar to...


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