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Lexicon PCM70 In good cosmetic and working order and includes the MRC remote control. 07940513220.
£475 ono.  Email john (Tunbridge wells, Kent) 31/03/15 (About the advertiser)
Thermionic Culture Vulture 11th Limited Edition mint and babied unit; selling with broken heart but need $$$ for another purchase:) This unit is real gem, you can use it when producing/recording, it;s great when mixing (drums/guitars, etc) and I used it in mastering for a while with a success. Non existent on second hand market, for a reason! grab a classy unit, only 75 ever built.
£1699.  Email filip (London) 31/03/15 (About the advertiser)
Lexicon MPX1 Classic FX unit. Excellent condition with original manual.
£130.  Phone Jason 01360 449 491 or Email (Balfron, Stirlingshire) 31/03/15 (About the advertiser)
TK Audio the BLENDER mini mastering console, great unit for mixing and/or mastering tasks. mint cond uint; modded by TK Audio and now have 1 extra utility - monitor controller. . Grab unit for a great price, 1.3£k price per new.
£699.  Email filip (London) 31/03/15 (About the advertiser)
Behringer Multigate Pro XR4400 4 Channel Gate/Expander. London.
£25.  Phone Chris 07903 212563 (London) 30/03/15 (About the advertiser)
Yamaha SPX 900 Full working Order some wear and tear.
£100 ono.  Phone 07854 119828 (London) 30/03/15 (About the advertiser)
Roland SRV-330 Full Working Order.
£100.  Phone 07854 119828 (London) 30/03/15 (About the advertiser)
Roland RE-201 Space Echo Vintage tape echo box, with vu meter. nice condition and available.
£500.  Phone michael 07530124819 or Email (Sheffield) 30/03/15 (About the advertiser)
UREI 1178 Stereo compressor/Dual peak limiter. Very good condition. Photos on request. Shipping to EU: 30GBP.
£1400.  Email (Buda, Hungary) 30/03/15 (About the advertiser)
Waldorf MidiBay I won this Auction, Guenuine Alan Wilder collection - open to offers, had to put a price...
£300.  Phone Craig 07788297218 or Email (Blackpool, Lancashire) 29/03/15 (About the advertiser)
petes place Bac 500 in great shape with box may consider trades for other 500 series gear + cash depending on what you have to offer.
£550.  Email (London) 29/03/15 (About the advertiser)
TC Electronic M300 Reverb/Multi FX unit with digital i/o. Simple to use, great interface. You can also use the 2 different FX engines independently as well as in series. Sound rivals units many times the price. Review: les/tcelecm300.asp.
£100.  Phone Tom Fuller 07817 784145 or Email (London) 29/03/15 (About the advertiser)
Zoom RFX2000 Digital multi FX processor. Comes complete with power supply. Excellent condition.
£100.  Phone 07970119567 (Coventry) 29/03/15 (About the advertiser)
Lexicon MX300 Mint, 100% working, poss couple of marks where been in rack, boxed...
£165.  Phone Craig 07788297218 or Email (Blackpool, Lancashire) 29/03/15 (About the advertiser)
Dbx Quantum II Multiband Mastering Processor. Knocks the TC Finalizers for six. Powerful unit that entrances your mix. Slight damage to one of the rack ears, otherwise perfect condition. Pictures on request.
£500.  Phone 07970119567 (Coventry) 29/03/15 (About the advertiser)
Alesis Midiverb 3 Alesis Midiverb 3 - Vintage analog effects processor with original PSU, unit is in excellent condition and has been tested.
£45.  Email (Maidstone) 29/03/15 (About the advertiser)
FMR Audio RNC 1773 Really Nice Compressor, light home studio use only. Excellent condition, will post for £6.
£100.  Email (Shropshire) 29/03/15 (About the advertiser)
Roland RE201 Space Echo. In superb condition, serviced earlier this year. Runs great, sounds just as good. Pics available.
£625.  Email (Brighton) 27/03/15 (About the advertiser)
TC Electronic 2290 Industry standard. Currently passing no delay so sold as a repair item. Been sat in a rack for a while so I guess it could be something simple. Suit somebody who has the time and know how.
£600.  Email (Kidderminster, Worcestershire) 27/03/15 (About the advertiser)
Eventide Orville Eventide Orville in excellent condition (with SPDIF i/o board). Latest OS 3.002 Complete with manuals and SRAM card. Cash on collection only from Fulham, London.
£1795.  Phone simon 07956 303 909 or Email (London) 27/03/15 (About the advertiser)
Emagic Unit or 8 X2 units. Usb to midi units with cd drivers and manuals. Price is for both units.
£50.  Email (Kidderminster, Worcestershire) 27/03/15 (About the advertiser)
Crane Song STC-8 Amazing compressor in excellent working order and condition, a brilliant machine as you probably know. Steve.
£2000.  Email (St Tudy Bodmin, Cornwall) 27/03/15 (About the advertiser)
Roland RE501 chorus echo Ultimate tape delay with chorus and spring reverb in near mint condition - serviced last year. Asking for £800 but open to offers and deals/part ex for a synth - I could add funds to sweeten a deal. Collection from WF3 only.
£800 ono.  Email Dan (Wakefield, West Yorkshire) 26/03/15 (About the advertiser)
Symetrix 511A Rare single ended noise reduction unit. Stereo/dual channel. Built like a tank. Perfect condition. Nothing quite like it for cleaning up tape hiss or headphone spill. Perfect for tape transfers etc.
£200.  Email (Rutland) Trade 26/03/15 (About the advertiser)
Alesis Quadraverb Classic fx processor used on many classic tracks. Good overall condition. Fully working. Power supply is in rough condition but still works perfectly.
£75.  Email (London) 26/03/15 (About the advertiser)
Moog MIDI Murf MF105-M mint condition, hardly used. Preston Lancs.
£320.  Email (Preston) 25/03/15 (About the advertiser)
Lexicon MX200 Dual Reverb effects processor Mint condition, including instructions manuals, cd installation disc, not including USB and power leads. Has been in storage for a long time.
£40.  Phone craig 07850003958 (Lee, london) 24/03/15 (About the advertiser)
SPL 9530 Tube Vitaliser This is the 2 unit flagship top of the range tube vitaliser not to be confused with the much cheaper models, has many more features, these retail for over £1100, hardly used, still in brand new condition, use on individual tracks, complete mixes or both, adds punch clarity and class, makes recordings sound like your favourite artists high budget recordings.
£650.  Phone 01482 345494 (Hull) 24/03/15 (About the advertiser)
Alesis Air FX Unique and interesting effects unit - great filters. £10 postage or collect from WF3. Paypal or cash on collection only.
£80.  Email Dan (Wakefield, West Yorkshire) 23/03/15 (About the advertiser)
Fostex 3050 analogue delay Great 80s delay fully working - can do tight modulation type effects like phase and flange. £10 postage or collect from WF3. Paypal or cash on collection only.
£100.  Email Dan (Wakefield, West Yorkshire) 23/03/15 (About the advertiser)
101 item(s) found
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