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Urei BL40 Modulimiter Classic mid 70's earlier discrete unit in perfect working condition. Has the same parts as the la 3a and 1176 but for less money..
£700.  Email (Glasgow) 06/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Eventide Eclipse Outstanding 1U effects unit. Excellent condition. V4.01.
£800.  Phone 07815 131 030 or Email (St Albans, Herts) 06/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Mutronics Mutator MIDI version, great condition, works perfectly. Regular light use in smoke free studio. Cash and collection only please from London n1/e1.
£1000.  Email ben (London) 06/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Lexicon LXP15 1U rack mount Reverb and delay module. In good condition. Few sratches from rackmounting. Fully working.
£75.  Email Grant (London) 05/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Eventide Pitchfactor Harmoniser/delay/chorus - nice condition as little used. Sell or swap (e.g. Doepfer Dark Time, Eventide Space).
£350.  Email Paul (Preston, Lancs) 05/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Yamaha GC2020 Compressors X2 Excellent condition, buyer collects from NW London. Price is for one unit only.
£25.  Email (London) 05/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Lexicon 224 Hardware reverb, spares or repair.
Offers.  Email (London) 05/05/16 (About the advertiser)
TFPro TF Pro p38ex top from the line of Ted's Fletcher compressors, very cool stereo optical compressor, in pristine condition, sitting in mastering rack from day one, lately rarely used, so it needs new owner:) Great on vocals, drums, acoustic guitars, or groups of instruments, as master buss compressor - best 'entry' level compressor. Can send or you pick it up London area.
£899.  Email filip (London) 05/05/16 (About the advertiser)
BSS DPR-402 Compressor Amazing SSL type VCA analogue compression. This unit has never gigged. Studio use only. Recently serviced and in great shape. Sounds absolutely fantastic!.
£350 ono.  Email (Wimborne) 05/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Yamaha FX500B FX500B fx unit for guitar , manuals and power leads.
£125.  Phone len 0786 539 9124 or Email (Waltham Abbey , Essex) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Yamaha MEP4 Midi FX and timing rack , midi clock offset and delays / merger midi event processor, rare.
£150.  Phone len 0786 539 9124 or Email (Waltham Abbey , Essex) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Empirical Labs Distressor EL8 (pair) A beautiful pair of EL8 Distressors. Bought new from KMR 18 months ago. Racked and lightly used. Mint condition and working perfectly. This price is for the pair.
£1500.  Phone Dayo 07931 777126 or Email (Brum) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Siemens/Telefunken V72 original 60s/70s v72 mic pre good condition comes plug and play with a power/audio small external little plug in extension box (specially made) ..offers.
£900.  Email (London, London) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Roland GP16 Studio clearance as I’m running out of space! Fantastic rack mounted effects unit including the incredible pitch shifter and Dimension modules. In great condition. Pictures on request.
£90.  Email (Brighton) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
DAV Electronics BG503 500 Series EQ. In excellent condition. Home use only. BG501 Preamp also available.
£250.  Email Jon (Balsall Common) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Oram Hi-Def 35 premium quality equalizer for mastering/mix/bus/instruments.. sounds great .. great "air" super control over whole spectrum.. bought new non smoker studio only light use ..grab it :).
£850.  Email (London, London) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Anthony DeMaria Labs ADL-1500 Comp/Limiter Stereo Limiter based on LA2. Superb sound. Scaling down studio hence sale.
£1150 ono.  Email (London) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Ocean Audio 500 EQ One 500 Series EQ. Home studio use only. In excellent condition.
£350.  Email (Balsall Common) 29/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Ebtech Line Level Shifter Transformer-balanced, 8 channel bal <> unbal boxes. Sound superb. 2 available. £250 for both.
£150.  Email (London) 27/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Universal Audio 1176 Clean, very little use, smoke free home UA1176 (Not a clone). Much loved but not used enough. Buyer pays and organises postage. Email any questions you have. Pics available. Looking to downsize so no trade or swap.
£1100.  Email (Ely, Cambridgeshire) 26/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Looptrotter Emperor 2 channel rack FET compressor and saturator - awesome on loads of sources. Bought for a project and barely used, in all original packing and like new. Price includes UK shipping.
£649.  Email (London) 26/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Warm Audio EQP-WA (STEREO PAIR) As new! Just got a new desk in the studio and will be using the tube channel eq on that instead so you can grab these for a bargain! Only owned for 4 months used a handle full of times. P.S THIS IS FOR 2 STEREO MATCHED UNITS.
£850.  Phone 07795380799 (King's Lynn) 26/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Universal Audio UAD 6176 Up for sale my lovely Universal Audio 6176 Channel strip. Together on the same unit 610 Preamp and 1176 compressor/limiter, plus Eq. Warm and big. Cash on collection preferable. Based in East London. Check my other ads.
£1400.  Phone 07889073011 (London, London) 26/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Ebtech Hum Eliminator 8 channel version. Kill your hum & noise with this. Uses TRS 1/4" I/O jacks and converts unbalanced signals to pro balanced line (or the opposite if you want). Kills any hum on your signal. An all passive device, no power required. TRS version.
£149.  Phone 07711 007 166 or Email (Maidstone, Kent) 26/04/16 (About the advertiser)
SPL Tube Vitalizer model 9530. Top of the line in the Vitalizer family from SPL. Near mint condition.
£955.  Email (Buda, Hungary) 25/04/16 (About the advertiser)
API 500 VPR For sale my API VPR 500 unit 10 slots rack with power supply. Great piece of gear for the 500 series. BAsed in East London.
£760.  Phone 07889073011 (London, London) 25/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Calrec RQD 6400 High end dual stereo (quad) compressor/limiter in 1U. Up there with Neve, Audix, SSL etc. This unit sold for £2800 in 1999, I could be tempted with £800 plus a trade item, so feel free to offer me such a deal. Sensible offers considered. In fantastic condition.
£1500.  Phone 07974 414885 or Email (Grimsby, N E Lincs) 22/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Sony HR-MP5 Stereo effects processor, great for synths and with some wonderful trippy effects! Includes original Sony (European) power adapter.
£180.  Email Matt (Wirral) 22/04/16 (About the advertiser)
TL Audio 5021 Stereo Valve Compressor Used but good condition TL Audio Stereo valve compressor.
£230.  Phone Steven 07908887877 or Email (London) 21/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Sherman Filterbank Works perfectly. Includes rack ears.
£300.  Phone 07891198179 or Email (Horsham) 21/04/16 (About the advertiser)
71 item(s) found
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