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 Sound On Sound magazine sponsored Bill Nelson's 2004 BeBop and Beyond UK tour and SOS now provides Exclusive album and merchandising fulfilment on an international basis through's online, secure-trading, SOS Shop.

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Take a trip to DREAMSVILLE: The official Bill Nelson website
(for audio examples and Bill Nelson discussions/chats).

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- NEW PlectrajetCode: BN-PLJ$20.00Buy
Albion Dream Vortex (CD)Code: BN-ADV$9.00Buy
Atom Shop (CD)Code: BN-AS$6.00Buy
Captain Future's Psychotronic Circus - (CD)Code: BN-CFPC$6.00Buy
Dream Transmission Pavilion (CD)Code: BN-DTP$6.00Buy
Dreamshire Chronicles (CD)Code: BN-DSC$20.00Buy
Fables And Dreamsongs (CD)Code: BN-FAD$6.00Buy
Fancy Planets (CD)Code: BN-FP$6.00Buy
Fantasmatron (CD)Code: BN-FAN$6.00Buy
Fantastic Guitars (CD)Code: BN-FGT$15.00Buy
Gleaming Without Lights (CD)Code: BN-GWL$6.00Buy
Golden Melodies of Tomorrow (CD)Code: BN-GMT$6.00Buy
Here Comes Mr Mercury (CD)Code: BN-HCM$6.00Buy
Illuminated At Dusk (CD)Code: BN-IAD$6.00Buy
Mazda Kaleidoscope (CD)Code: BN-MAZ$6.00Buy
Model Village (CD)Code: BN-MV$6.00Buy
Modern Moods For Mighty Atoms (CD)Code: BN-MMM$6.00Buy
Non-Stop Mystery Action (CD)Code: BN-NMA$6.00Buy
Picture Post (CD)Code: BN-PIC$6.00Buy
Return To Tomorrow (CD)Code: BN-RTT$9.00Buy
Signals From Realms Of Light (CD)Code: BN-SFRL$6.00Buy
Silvertone Fountains (CD)Code: BN-SLV$6.00Buy
Songs Of The Blossom Tree Optimists (CD)Code: BN-BTO$9.00Buy
The Palace Of Strange Voltages (CD)Code: BN-PSV$9.00Buy
Theatre Of Falling Leaves (CD)Code: BN-TFL$6.00Buy



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