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Published in SOS December 2012
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John Walden

Given the title of this Elastik-based library, you might be forgiven for thinking Uebserschall were delivering a slice of country-based Telecaster guitar. However, this is, in fact, the 'other' type of twang, so what we get here is more the surf sound of Dick Dale than the rapid-fire picking of Brent Mason. The surf sound got a high-profile shot in the arm with Quentin Tarantino's use of Dale's version of 'Misirlou' in the film Pulp Fiction. As a guitar player, I've always loved this sound. It is often characterised by low melodies played on standard guitars or, for extra growl, on low-tuned baritone guitars.

Ueberschall | Twang


Like most Elastik libraries, the 2GB of samples are organised into construction kits — 10 in this case — with some 770 or so loops in total. Each of the kits is subdivided into musical sections so, in addition to three or four verse/chorus/bridge-style parts, you get an intro and ending to work with. You also get plenty of loops within each section, with both a full drum mix and separate kick, snare, hi-hat, overheads and cymbals, should you want to build your own drum mix. Bass loops are included but, of course, the star attraction is the guitars and those 'surf-tastic' riffs. These are absolutely the real deal: they twang, they ping, they grind and they swing, and all with suitable doses of genuine tone and, where appropriate, spring reverb and Echoplex delay.

If you are a media composer with a client looking for quick slice of something 'Tarantino-ish', Twang will fit the bill. However, there is also plenty here that might appeal as a touch of spice in a more contemporary context. Just recall how the Black Eyed Peas sampled 'Misirlou' for 'Pump It'. There is plenty of potential for that sort of stylistic mix-and-match with Twang and, whatever you managed to weave these samples into, they would undoubtedly grab the listener's attention.

My only significant criticism of Twang is that the library isn't bigger, as more of the same would be even better! That said, what's here is full of both character and sinister surf-rock vibe and, at this price, Twang represents good value for money. I guess if I want more, I'm going to have to buy that baritone guitar… John Walden

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