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Cubase: Humanise Your Programmed Drums

Steinberg Cubase Tips & Techniques
Published February 2017
By John Walden

My initial programmed drum pattern — not exactly full of ‘feel’!My initial programmed drum pattern — not exactly full of ‘feel’!

Cubase has all the tools required to add a human feel to your programmed acoustic drum parts.

Last month (, I took you through the MIDI Drum Editor’s core features, its enhancements since Cubase 8 and its links to Groove Agent SE, and touched on how the Drum Editor can help ‘humanise’ programmed parts. As this last point is really significant for non-drummers, this month I’ll discuss various other ways to make your programmed performances more realistic.

Adjust In Time

I’ll use a pattern I programmed using the MIDI Drum Editor, as described last month. If you decide instead to ‘play’ the initial pattern in via a MIDI keyboard or drum pads, then (aside, perhaps, from some initial quantising) the subsequent steps could be very similar. My...

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Published February 2017