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Sonoma Wire Works - GuitarJack Stage NAMM 2015
Sonoma Wire Works talk SOS through the GuitarJack Stage, which allows guitarists muli-footswitch control of iOS-based guitar effects processing.
Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators - NAMM 2015
Teenage Engineering show us their latest offerings, a trio of tiny stripped-down calculator-sized sequencers — each for only $59. There's the PO-12 Rhythm drum machine, the PO-14 Sub bass synth and the PO-16 Factory lead synth. We hear what they can do.
Arturia BeatStep Pro - NAMM 2015
Controller and a dynamic performance sequencer
Sequential Prophet-6 - NAMM 2015
Six-Voice Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer
Line 6 Variax Standard - NAMM 2015
Sound On Sound Editor-in-Chief Paul White finds out all about the latest Variax guitar from Line 6, which has been built by Yamaha.
Roland - JD-Xi Synth NAMM 2015
Roland talk SOS through the new JD-Xi synthesizer, which has both analogue and digital oscillators, as well as an integrated sequencer.
Alto Professional - Stealth Pro Wireless System NAMM 2015
Alto Professional talk SOS through their new Stealth Pro wireless system, which builds on the success of the previous model by introducing a robust new enclosure, among other features.
Manley - Force Four-channel Tube Preamp - NAMM 2015
Manley talk SOS through their new Force four-channel tube preamp, designed and built to a lower price point than other Manley products.
Slate Digital - NAMM 2015
Virtual Console Collection 2.0, Blackbird Studio Expansion Pack & Slate Remote
Alto Professional - Trouper Compact PA System NAMM 2015
Alto Professional talk Sound On Sound through their Troupe compact PA system, designed for singer-songwriters and small venues.
Roger Linn Design - LinnStrument MIDI Controller NAMM 2015
Roger Linn talks SOS through his LinnStrument, an innovative MIDI instrument with three-axis expression control and a chromatic key layout.
Avid - Pro Tools First & Pro Tools 12 DAWs NAMM 2015
Avid talk SOS through Pro Tools First -- the first free version of the DAW for many years -- as well as some of the new features and plug-ins included in Pro Tools 12. We also hear about a new subscription-based pricing model.
UA Apollo Expanded - NAMM 2015
Update to the UA Console - Apollo Expanded includes Console 2 and many other features
IsoAcoustics - Aperta Speaker Stands NAMM2015
IsoAcoustics tell Sound On Sound about their new Aperta speaker stands, which use a "floating design" to acoustically decouple monitors from a desk or meter bridge.
Soundcraft Ui12 & Ui16 - NAMM 2015
The Ui12 and Ui16 Remote-Controlled Digital Mixers each feature an integrated, onboard Wi-Fi router and are controlled via an HTML5 compatible browser on any tablet, PC or smartphone
Korg MS20M & SQ1 Step Sequencer - NAMM 2015
Analog Desktop Rack Synth Kit with Step Sequencer
Arturia Audio Fuse - NAMM 2015
Advanced Audio Interface
Blackstar Amplification - B.E.A.M. Amplifier NAMM 2015
Blackstar Amplification talk Sound On Sound through a small yet powerful practice amp designed to be used with bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and music playback.
Rupert Neve Designs RNDI - NAMM 2015
Active Transformer Direct Interface
TC Electronic - Viscous Vibe & Helix Phaser Stereo Guitar Effects Pedals - NAMM 2015
TC Electronic show Sound On Sound through their new Viscous Vibe and Helix Phaser stereo guitar effects pedals. The Viscous Vibe recreates the sound of the Shin-Ei Uni-Vibe and more, while the Helix Phaser covers all your phasing needs. Both are TonePrint enabled too!
Korg ARP Odyssey - NAMM 2015
KORG announces the development of an all new ARP Odyssey synthesizer
PSP L'otary - NAMM 2015
SOS talk to PSP about the L’otary rotary speaker emulation plug-in, which is capable of reproducing as precisely as possible the classic sounds of the famous Leslie 122 and 147 rotary speakers.
Novation Launchpad Pro - NAMM 2015
Novation Launchpad Pro Offers Velocity, Pressure Sensitive Pads & More
Focusrite Clarett Range - NAMM 2015
Focusrite announce Clarett Range of Thunderbolt interfaces
SOS Exclusive - Moog Modular First Look at NAMM 2015
Gordon Reid, Sound On Sound's resident synth expert, gets an exclusive first look a Moog's new modular synthesizers.

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