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Akai Rhythm Wolf - Musikmesse 2014
Drum machine and bass synth
Trident Audio Developments 88 Console - Musikmesse 2014
Modular console by Trident Audio Developments melds British Tone and modern design
Antelope Audio Zen Studio - Musikmesse 2014
Portable Audio Interface with 20 Analog Inputs, 12 Mic Preamps and DSP effects
Toontrack EZDrummer 2 - Musikmesse 2014
Drum production software
SMPro uMix - Musikmesse 2014
Wi-Fi Remote Controllable Digital Mixers
Arturia MiniBrute SE - Musikmesse 2014
Analog synthesizer
ESI uniK Monitors - Musikmesse 2014
Studio Monitors
Rupert Neve SwiftMix - Musikmesse 2014
Retrofit fader automation for the 5088
Akai APC range - Musikmesse 2014
Akai performance controller for Ableton
IGS Audio OKC - Musikmesse 2014
Digitally controlled Passive EQ for 500-series with touch-screen control
Eve Audio SC3010 & SC3012 - Musikmesse 2014
Studio Monitors perfectly suited for larger recording studios and post-production suites
Ocean Audio Arc 916 Console - Musikmesse 2014
24 Channel Console
Audient ASP880 - Musikmesse 2014
8 Channel Microphone Preamplifier and ADC
Flink Labs - Musikmesse 2014
Cajon sized electronic drum
Bitwig Studio - Musikmesse 2014
Multi-platform music-creation system for production, remixing and performance with a focus on flexible editing tools and a super-fast workflow
SPL Phonitor Mini - Musikmesse 2014
Headphone Monitoring Amplifier
RME Fireface 802 - Musikmesse 2014
Audio interface with 60 channels of audio, high-end mic preamps and more in new model
Adam Audio S7A Mk2 - Musikmesse 2014
Studio Monitors
Focal Professional Alpha Series - Musikmesse 2014
Studio Monitors
SE Electronics X1 USB & X1 T - Musikmesse 2014
SE X1 Microphone available in both USB and Tube models
Sonodyne SM3200 - Musikmesse 2014
Mid Field Studio Monitors
ESI Planet 8/8 - Musikmesse 2014
Dante Audio-Interface
Audio Technica 4060a - Musikmesse 2014
Tube Microphone
Dynaudio BM MkIII Series - Musikmesse 2014
Four new near field studio monitors, wall mounting solutions, and two new subwoofers

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