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More SOS articles on the way!

Missing past issues? Can't find an SOS article?

You have reached this page because you have tried to access a URL for a Sound On Sound article which has not yet been migrated from our old site.

On 15 June 2016 we launched our new website. Currently, it houses 7,363 articles on it — from the latest issue back to February 2005.

We are working hard to get the remaining issues brought over as soon as possible but this will take time, due to commitments to producing the new issue each month.

They will be added one past issue at a time, moving backwards from February 2005 to January 1994, so please bear with us.

Sorry to make you wait!

Web Archive

However, there is a partial solution: thanks to a wonderful non-profit organisation called Web Archive, who run a Wayback Machine service. This provides snapshots of the full SOS site as it was and past/missing SOS articles can be found in its extensive web archives.

Click to go to: 'Show All Issues of SOS' on

Once there, clicking menus and links to articles will open most of them (but please note that the Wayback SOS search function does not work).

Synth Secrets (May 1999 to July 2004)

Until the articles become available on this site, all parts of Gordon Reid's Synth Secrets series can be located on the Wayback Machine archive site — click here.

SOS Glossary

On this same Web.Archive site, you can access the old SOS Glossary — click here.