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Composer Junkie XL premieres Season 2 of Studio Time

First weekly episode deals with composing for strings 

Across 20 episodes totalling 13 hours, Studio Time opens the doors to the extraordinary studio of Tom Holkenborg, and takes you behind the music of one of Hollywood's most unique and in-demand composers.

Critically acclaimed Holkenborg has harnessed everything from huge modular synths to orchestral strings and distorted guitars across his scoring work, landing credits on Mad Max: Fury Road, Deadpool, Black Mass and the upcoming Justice League and Dark Tower movies. In Studio Time, the Grammy nominated former industrial noise and electronic music producer lifts the lid on his working practices.

Holkenborg has now launched the first episode of the second season of his popular online series Studio Time. In this episode, he details how he composes for strings, the hallmark instrument group of countless epic movie scores and his most recent project, Brimstone. New episode’s of Studio Time will be released every Friday on the Junkie XL YouTube channel

In each of Studio Time’s 20 episodes, viewers are transported into Tom’s personal world of music exploration. He takes you into the heart of his creation chamber to offer a combination of technical expertise, practical how to’s, real-world career advice and laughs. Tom’s studio is an audio science lab, packed full of rare instruments, mountains of gear and Tom’s famed Modular Wall.

Importantly, because Studio Time is a labour of love for Holkenborg, viewers can watch all the content for free. Episode topics in Season 2 include synthesizer specials on Korg, Roland and Yamaha; hardware samplers; an introduction to Tom’s modular wall and Modular Synthesis; sampling, guitar pedals and effects; composing for strings; plug-ins and much more.

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