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Superbooth17 full programme announced

Electronic Instruments trade show expands in Berlin

European synth and electronic music trade fair-cum-festival Superbooth will soon be returning to Berlin. Taking place from April 20th to 22nd, the event will feature 170 exhibitors from around the world, ranging from global players to boutique builders, plus 120 events with 25 concerts and live performances per day, spanning just about every musical genre. In addition, there’s a huge number of workshops and performance/talks providing insights into the world of electronic music and as well as many panel discussions.

The concert and talks line-up is impressive with guests including Mouse on Mars, Alec Empire, T.Raumschmiere, Matt Didemus (Junior Boys), Jay Ahern, Skinnerbox, the Teichmann Brothers, Gudrun Gut, Ströme (formerly laBrassBanda).

There’s a greater focus on women in electronic music this year, with more female artists scheduled to perform and dedicated workshops for women covering modular synthesis and playing live with hardware. Daily at 1:30pm basic courses led by and for Women only are taking place at the Eve - Lounge, with Jessica Kert of SchneidersLaden defining the principles of subtractive synthesis. These elements form just part of a packed programme of talks, roundtable discussions, product presentations and workshops for both beginners and advanced users. Tickets are available now from the Superbooth17 website, with day tickets costing 30 Euros and a three-day pass costing 89 Euros.

In addition, there’s a series of DIY workshops. Get in early, though, as spaces are limited to 16 participants per session. The cost for participation in the DIY workshops depends on individual construction kit prices. All other workshops throughout the day may be reserved with your standard visitor ticket as long as places are available.

This year’s venue is the FEZ-Berlin complex, which for the rest of the year is a recreation and eduction centre for children and families. Appropriately enough, Superbooth17 will include a dedicated area for children, with special workshops where kids can dive into the basics of electronic music-making then show off what they’ve learnt on stage.

Similar to last year, a live stream running from 12am to 12pm will be provided for absent but interested parties, however, this time this will represent all relevant concerts and presentations. For those who can’t get enough during the day, there will be an evening programme at C-Base, in the Maze Club (Thursday & Friday) and on the final night at Ohm in Tresor.

For the full programme of events, for all three days, visit the Superbooth website.

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