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Doctor Mix release of a new series of gear test videos

Online mixing & mastering service launches video series

As one of the first and most successful online mixing and mastering studios, (led by BBC acclaimed producer Claudio Passavanti of Sunlightsquare fame) announce the release of their new series of "gear test" videos. The studios have a vast array of credits including Sony, Universal, Virgin EMI, Studio Canal and Film 4.

Their approach in teh videos focuses on the practical use of high-end analogue equipment and virtual plugins to mix music in the contemporary world of audio production .

The video work of Doctor Mix has already obtained enthusiastic praise by some of the industry's top manufacturers including Thermionic Culture and Steven Slate:

"Awesome! …this is a wonderful video!" - Steven Slate (Slate Digital)

"I like the video and the presenting style very much. I'm interested in seeing more." - Vic Keary (Thermionic Culture)

The first HD quality videos - just released on Youtube - include hands-on demonstrations of the following:

as well as 4 tutorials [ ] on how to export multiple tracks from some of the most popular DAWs… and an animation [ ] about the mixing & mastering services offered by Doctor Mix.

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