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Kenton Pro 2 working order fitted with UK plug top , Pro 2 and 1x midi lead Offers MIDI DIN SYNC 24, 2 Chan CV Convertor interface , ARP Clock and more.
£200.  Phone len 0786 539 9124 or Email (Waltham Abbey , Essex) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Future Retro Revolution Acid synth like tb-303 with fx and remix, boxed with manuals and PSU, Midi and audio leads, also does sync 24 , rare ,serial 209.
£800.  Phone len 0786 539 9124 or Email (Waltham Abbey , Essex) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Waldorf Blofeld (shadow edition) Mint condition virtually unused Blofeld (black) shadow edition. Boxed with manual and PSU. Can ship via UPS for a small fee. Price ONO.
£260.  Phone Jez 07752194205 or Email (Nottingham) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Jen Sx1000 1970s analogue synth ... Rare to find these & it's in great condition ...
£250.  Email (Sunderland) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Korg R3 Super synth keyboard with onboard vocoder (with microphone )... Great control & super condition & manuals.
£180.  Email (Sunderland) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Korg Montron Analogue synth with aux input too for filtering ext sources (sane filter as Ms10/20).
£35.  Email (Sunderland) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Access Virus B Rack Virus B and PSU + midi and audio leads, + sysex dumps.
£450.  Phone len 0786 539 9124 or Email (Waltham Abbey , Essex) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Dave Smith Mono Evolver Keyboard DSI MEK Pot edition. In good condition and fully working. This was an encoder version that has been converted to PE last year. It has a built in mains power supply rather than needing the usual wallwart plug thing.
£650.  Email Tony (Carlisle, Cumbria) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Korg Z1 In good condition and fully working. Personal collection only.
£275.  Email Tony (Carlisle, Cumbria) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Sequential Circuits Pro One Pro One Perfect condition . also fitted with Pro 5 Knobs and Custom wooden end panels ... Midi in and out ... I also still have the original knobs and end panels and full manual inc Flightcase.
£1400.  Phone paul 07787 392410 or Email (Wellingborough) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Korg Polysix kiwisix very nice original condition kiwi six, just been fully serviced and the kiwi board installed, all knobs buttons keys serviced, no issues. Cosmetically it's in very nice condition with only very small wood mark on lower back corner of sides. South London 1350 ono.
£1350.  Phone rfaber 07958246522 or Email (London) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Yamaha AN1X The classic virtual analogue, as used by Boards of Canada in the 90s.I’ve owned this from new, never gigged with barely a mark on it…still has the plastic film on the LCD screen! Manuals included. Sounds amazing, An example in similar condition sold for £340 on eBay (take a look on eBay for verification) yesterday so grab yourself a bargain!.
£290.  Email (Brighton) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Roland MKS50 In great condition. Essentially an Alpha Juno 2 in a rack. Fabulous for analogue bass and pad sounds PLUS it includes the original Hoover sound made famous by Beltram and ‘The One and Only Dominator’ Human Resource. I’m also selling a PG300 programmer for the MKS50 in perfect condition, see other listing. Studio clearance as I’m running out of space!.
£380.  Email (Brighton) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Roland PG300 programmer Alpha Juno Studio clearance as I’m running out of space! Perfect for your Alpha Juno or MKS50 (great example of which I’m selling, see my other listings). In excellent condition and includes power supply.
£300.  Email (Brighton) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Yamaha CS30 analogue synthesiser Studio clearance as I’m running out of space! The biggest Yamaha analogue monosynth in near perfect condition. Recently serviced too. Includes an onboard analogue sequencer for all your squiggling needs. As used by 808 State and Gus Gus (check out their ‘Starlovers’ single for an idea of how great this synth sounds especially in the bottom end!).
£990.  Email (Brighton) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Roland JP8080 synthesiser In superb condition, all sliders and knobs as new. Comes with original packaging too. Price for quick sale as I’ve run out of space!.
£399.  Email (Brighton) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Akai AX60 nice polysynth from 1986 with a bunch of features most others of the era don't have. this one's a bit battered cosmetically, glass over the led is loose and it's missing 5 of the 20 fader caps. high pass filter isn't working at the moment and there's a few other niggles, but mostly working ok! 110v model with transformer.
£550.  Email (London) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard SE Superb analogue synth. Extended keyboard, wooden end panels and not the bright yellow short keyboard version - same sounds.
£410.  Email (Oxford) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
ARP Odyssey MKII original model 2813 in lovely condition with no issues, sliders nice and smooth, recent service and key re-bush by JW. This thing oozes character which is absent in the Korg re-issue, very reluctant sale due to a change of circumstances. Collection preferred, email for photos.
£1295ono.  Phone 07796 143 788 or Email (Manchester) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Muse Research Receptor 1 Rev C with Komplete Inside including Massive, FM8, Pro53, B4, Battery, Absynth, Reaktor etc. Very good condition and comes with printed manual, power lead and crossover ethernet cable. Swap for: D550, Emu P2500, Technics WSA1R, upgraded CS6R or Triton Rack, or other interesting rack synths to same value.
£450.  Phone Dan 01938 570193 or Email (Welshpool) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Roland MKS-70 Super JX (JX-10 rack) 12 voice analogue (24 DCO, 12 VCF, 12 VCA) rack synth. Based on JX-10 but with superior MIDI implementation. This has latest firmware v1.08 installed (necessary for modern DAW integration) which solves MIDI timing & communication issues with earlier version firmware. Excellent condition. Clean front panel. No technical issues.
£595.  Phone 07973 753 667 or Email (London) 29/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Korg Trinity v3 Final software upgrade near mint condition studio use only complete with manuals pictures on request.
£200.  Email (Newbiggin, Northumberland) 29/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Studio Electronics Omega 8 (CS80 filters/Op-Amp upgrade) One of the most powerful modern analogue synthesizers with Minimoog/Oberheim SEM and optional CS80 filters fitted on all 8 voices. in excellent condition except minor scratching to top of case which is hidden when racked. Collection only.
£3250.  Email (Nottingham) 29/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Unique Homemade 20U semi modular analogue synth Based on circuits published in ETI and other magazines from late 70's/early 80's (and built then). Seven 19" rack units including a complex patchbay, variety of oscillators VCAs, 'claptrap' and rudimentary sampler. Some similarity to Maplin 5200s/ETI4600 but in a rack. UNTESTED therefore best for someone with good electronics knowledge. Includes cables and original articles used to build it.
£800.  Email (Nottingham) 29/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Roland MT-32 Linear Arithmetic synthesis, a form of sample- based synthesis combined with subtractive synthesis. Samples are used for attacks and drums, while traditional synthesis assures the sustain phase of the sounds. Comes with a preset library of 128 synth and 30 rhythm sounds, playable on 8 melodic channels and one rhythm channel. It also features a digital reverberation effect.
£50.  Phone Richard 07951349449 or Email (Cambridge) 29/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Roland SH 201 Analogue Modelling Synthesizer with Original Manual and Power Supply also Includes 3 Months Warranty. Part Exchange Welcome. For more info search: sound-generation.
£165.  Phone 01784 483944 or Email (London) Trade 29/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Technics WSA1 Great virtual synth excellent sounds & condition great sequencer 32 midi channels complete with gig bag & manuals.
£250.  Email (Newbiggin, Northumberland) 29/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Roland MKS-50 (Juno) rack analogue synthesizer (Juno in a 1U rack). Fully working with bright LCD. Just missing the power switch cap (switch still works). 110v. Has some scratching to casework which is hidden when racked. Collection preferred.
£375.  Email (Nottingham) 29/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Roland Jupiter 6 polysynth, manuals, one previous owner, working 100%, in superb condition (one push button sometimes gets stuck), interested in trades / swap for early Roland System 100 / 100M bits and pieces, buyer must collect as i don't have transport.
£00.00.  Email (Hastings) 29/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Arturia Minibrute SE Boxed, with manual and original PSU, excellent, fully-working condition. The SE version has a step sequencer with 6 memory slots for patterns and various playback options, whereas the standard Minibrute has an arpeggiator instead. No offers, they'll be ignored. Cash on collection.
£250.  Email (Thetford) 29/04/16 (About the advertiser)
136 item(s) found
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