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DSI Prophet '08 PE Brilliant condition, just got a Pro-2 so I don't have the space for this beauty anymore!.
£1,000 on.  Email (Harringey) 04/07/15 (About the advertiser)
Access Virus Ti2 Desktop Complete with rack ears! Home use only, in very good condition.
£900 ono.  Email (Harringey) 04/07/15 (About the advertiser)
Korg MS2000r (Original green) Brilliant condition, home use only.
£290 ono.  Email (Harringey) 04/07/15 (About the advertiser)
Waldorf Pulse (original) A few bits of missing paint but otherwise in perfect working order.
£230 ono.  Email (Harringey) 04/07/15 (About the advertiser)
Waldorf Blofeld Desktop (black) Brilliant condition, hardly used.
£260 ono.  Email (Harringey) 04/07/15 (About the advertiser)
Novation Bass Station 2 Hardly used, as I got into modular at the same time!.
£270 ono.  Email (Harringey) 04/07/15 (About the advertiser)
Korg MS10 Korg Ms 10 , has been in a cupboard for a while, full working order. Has superficial wear but great for 1978 analogue. Quick sale wanted no offers. 300 quid.
£300.  Email (Macclesfield, Cheshire) 04/07/15 (About the advertiser)
Roland Integra 7 Roland uses supernatural creation as well as having 11 SFX pcm cards built in the integra has around 7000 sounds.
£850.  Email (Londonderry) 04/07/15 (About the advertiser)
Studio Electronics CODE 8 FULLY EXPANDED Eight-voice discrete analogue synth FULLY expanded with 8xMoog, 8xOberheim, 8xARP and 8xCS80 filters pre-installed, PLUS OverDrive switch and OpAmp upgrades. Two oscillators plus Sub (simultaneous waveforms), 3x LFOs, 3x Envelopes, extensive mod routing. Bought new in 2013 and had little use due to commitments. Check out the amazing youtube demos. The real deal. MINT, boxed. Now over £9k new. Offers.
£5995.  Email Mark (Doncaster, South Yorkshire) 03/07/15 (About the advertiser)
Clavia Nord Nord Lead 4 Synthesiser Keyboard Powerful, fully-featured synth with effects (x4). Excellent as new condition. Latest OS. Boxed with manual.
£995.  Email Mark (Doncaster, South Yorkshire) 03/07/15 (About the advertiser)
ARP RHODES Chroma original accessories Selling very rare original ARP RHODES Chroma accessories : the Dual Footswitch Assembly; the single Footswitch; the variable volume-type Footpedal; the Dummy plug and the Programming Manual.
£300.  Email (France, France) 03/07/15 (About the advertiser)
EXPERT SLEEPERS ESX-4CV Eurorack module in like-new condition. Located in France.
£70.  Email (France, France) 03/07/15 (About the advertiser)
Roland Jupiter-8 + MIDI Fully working condition Roland Jupiter-8 with MIDI. Located in France.
£6000.  Email (France, France) 03/07/15 (About the advertiser)
Dave Smith Instruments Mono Evolver Keyboard Excellent condition. Pot Edition conversion, with Prophet style knobs. Original box.
£550.  Email (Edinburgh, Lothian) 03/07/15 (About the advertiser)
Access Virus C Excellent condition, with rack mounting bracket.
£425.  Email (Edinburgh, Lothian) 03/07/15 (About the advertiser)
Alesis Andromeda A6 Excellent condition. Buyer must collect.
£2500.  Email (Edinburgh, Lothian) 03/07/15 (About the advertiser)
Roland V-Synth XT Excellent condition.
£650.  Email (Edinburgh, Lothian) 03/07/15 (About the advertiser)
Waldorf Microwave II Superb condition, no issues at all. Need to clear a debt, sad to see it go. Getting rare these days...
£400.  Phone James 07751727674 or Email (Cramlington, Northumberland) 03/07/15 (About the advertiser)
EMU Vintage Pro Superb rack with masses of vintage synths (Moogs, ARPs, Oberheims etc), EPs, Hammonds, Mellotrons etc. Excellent condition. Front panel knobs for tweaking, plus deep editing.
£245ono.  Email (Oxford) 03/07/15 (About the advertiser)
Roland JV1010 Superb module including Session expansion board sounds. With Roland PSU. Excellent condition.
£95 ono.  Email (Oxford) 02/07/15 (About the advertiser)
Nord Drum Great Drum synth, very alive sounding where no 2 hits sound exactly the same, very cool. Mint condition, boxed.
£140.  Email (North London) 02/07/15 (About the advertiser)
Future Retro 777 FR777. Stunning condition. Modified with extra knob for sequencer value entry (much more fun than the Up/Down buttons [which still work btw]). Will post for +£15 or collection from SE9.
£1199.  Email (London) 02/07/15 (About the advertiser)
Roland TB 3 Aira Bassline synth. Pristine and only used for a few hours. Will pay UK postage.
£140.  Email (Macclesfield, Cheshire) 02/07/15 (About the advertiser)
Waldorf Micro Q (midnight edition) Excellent/near mint condition, working perfectly with PSU. Sounds lovely - a perfect combination of digital crispness & analogue warmth. It's actually far more flexible than it’s bigger brothers in many ways. These machines are a total bargain and having used every Waldorf synth, this sounds better than the Blofeld in my opinion.
£225.  Phone Martin Swan 07581005564 or Email (St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex) 02/07/15 (About the advertiser)
Mutable Instruments Shruthi Polivoks lovely little desktop mono synth with Polivox filter clone, minor mark on case can show photo. Will post, or collection from Kent/London.
£160.  Email Richard (London) 01/07/15 (About the advertiser)
Roland SH2 Great bass heavy mono synth. Serviced 2 years ago fully working. Few marks here and there, 2 slider caps replaced, not original but very similar. One of the keys could do with clean as it sometimes doesn't trigger. Collection from Kent or London WILL NOT POST ANYWHERE.
£575.  Email Richard (London) 01/07/15 (About the advertiser)
Moog Music Little Phatty Stage 2 CV Custom Great condition with original box, custom blue/red LED's plus black back panel and sides with rare CV outputs factory installed.
£875.  Email (Leeds, West yorkshire) 01/07/15 (About the advertiser)
Korg MS20m + SQ-1 Ready built, mint condition with all original packaging and SQ-1 sequencer. Barely touched. Photos on request. Price includes UK postage.
£700.  Email (Slough) 30/06/15 (About the advertiser)
Yamaha TX7 Desktop version of the ever fashionable DX7 mk1. 12-bit internals so marginally crunchier than the mk2, some prefer it for bass. Will swap for TX81Z.
£105.  Email (Bromsgrove, Worcestershire) 30/06/15 (About the advertiser)
Arturia Minibrute SE In mint condition, boxed with manual. Would trade for DSI evolver desktop, or +cash for evolver keys.
£300.  Email (Whitley Bay) 30/06/15 (About the advertiser)
157 item(s) found
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