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FabFilter Pro-R

Algorithmic Reverb Plug-in
Published March 2017
By Sam Inglis

FabFilter Pro-R

Typically, reverb plug-ins are either simple or versatile. FabFilter claim that their Pro-R combines both virtues.

It’s more than a decade since FabFilter first grabbed the attention of the music-production world, through the innovative means of designing software filters that actually sounded good. Since then, the Amsterdam-based developers have forged an individual and very effective approach to user-interface design, and have been applying this to the core tools that mix engineers need every day.

Rather than mimicking the look and feel of vintage hardware, FabFilter’s philosophy is to embrace the new possibilities that software design opens up. Everything is tailored for mouse control, with beautifully thought-out graphical displays that offer informative feedback. What’s particularly impressive about plug-ins such as the Pro-Q 2 equaliser, Pro-C 2 compressor and Pro-MB multiband processor is the balance they strike between ease of use and...

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Published March 2017