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Using Cubase On Stage

Steinberg Cubase Tips & Techniques
Published July 2017
By John Walden

Arranger Events on the Arranger Track can be triggered in real time.Arranger Events on the Arranger Track can be triggered in real time.

Cubase’s natural home may be the recording studio, but you can also use it for on-stage improvisation.

Way back in SOS July 2010 (, I looked at the Arranger Track‘s primary function, which is to enable you to play through an existing project in a non-linear fashion. This is achieved by defining time-based sections of the Project Window called Events; they can be of any length, can overlap and, helpfully, can also be named (verse 1, chorus 2, bridge, breakdown and so forth). The Arranger Track then allows you to create ‘Chains’ that sequence these Events in any order you like (including repeats). You can define multiple Arranger...

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Published July 2017