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Ableton Question - triggering loops of different tempos??

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Ableton Question - triggering loops of different tempos??

Postby DoeZer » Fri May 08, 2009 11:15 am

hello all..

quick ableton question for ya!

i want to use it live and to trigger loops of completely different tempos..I dont want to call up a new ableton file for each song, so i have the backing tracks all as clips in the same file.
For some of these, i actually use two or three loops triggered by midi pedals.

But then for the next track i want to trigger different loops.. which of course are at a different tempo.... But ableton warps all loops to the overall song tempo!!

if i turn warp off it wont loop the loop!!

surely theres an easy way round it but im afriad i cant get it..

could anyone please help??

In short, basically I want to use ableton as a sampler triggering lots of different loops and one-shots regardless of their tempo. just like an old school hardware sampler used to do!!

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Re: Ableton Question - triggering loops of different tempos??

Postby Hypagen » Fri May 08, 2009 2:08 pm

I've replied to this question in the PC section.........Ableton do a Sampler (called Sampler) which has the functionality of a hardware unit, reminds me of my Akai S300XL (which I still have!).
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Re: Ableton Question - triggering loops of different tempos??

Postby Venetian » Mon Jan 25, 2021 5:14 pm

there is an easy way. You can write the BPM of the loop into a new scene on the right of Session view. Live 11 has an improved UI for these BPM.
Now your Live set is a colelction of different scenes with associated session clips (loops), with each scene (think 'song' or 'loop') at a different BPM. Midi-map to launch these.

Note: This BPM should be the same as the looped clip. These need to be warped but if the BPM is the same it plays unwarped (choose Beats mode for example).,
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