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DPA 4466 Core

DPA expand headset mic range

The new 4000-series models are available in omni and cardioid versions, and take advantage of DPA's innovative 6000-series mounting system.

PACE iLok 3

iLok v3 released

New USB license key comes in USB-C version, and is built into a metal case.

FabFilter Timeless 3

FabFilter Timeless 3

Latest version of FabFilter's delay plug-in boasts 16 delay taps and five new feedback effects.

Sub51 Beyond Guitar

Beyond Guitar from Sub51

New library for Kontakt and Sampler X uses guitar samples as the basis of synth-style sounds.

Audix A127

Audix A127 unveiled

New microphone employs an unusual metal-film diaphragm, and is designed for ensemble recording and acoustic measurements.


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