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SOS Podcast Channels

Sound On Sound Podcasts — three dedicated channels each with their own series of episodes to keep you entertained throughout the month.

  • The Recording & Mixing channel takes the practical approach and will keep you inspired with expert production tricks and tips.
  • The Electronic Music channel is for everyone passionate about synthesizers, samplers and the world of electronic music.
  • The People & Music Industry channel features the great and good in engineering, production and manufacturing.

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    Professor Rob Toulson

    Drum Science - Part 2 | Podcast

    Optimising drums for recording

    Rob Toulson explains how to optimise the drum sound for recording by experimenting with drum head, damping system, tuning and drum shell combinations.

    Sound Advice Nov 2023
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    Delia Derbyshire at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

    The Delia Derbyshire Archive | Podcast

    British Electronic Music Pioneer

    In celebration of Delia Derbyshire Day 2023 and the 60th Anniversary of the Doctor Who theme, Caro C discusses the Delia Derbyshire archives and the importance of her contributions to the development of electronic music.

    People Nov 2023
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    DJ, Artist and Producer NikNak

    NikNak - Turntablism | Podcast

    Turntables In Electronic Music Performance

    DJ, Artist and Producer NikNak chats about her route into immersive performances and turntablism.

    People Nov 2023
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    Hazel Mills - Keyboardist

    Hazel Mills | Podcast

    Synth Sessions & Touring

    Hazel Mills talks us through her impressive career, from working as a touring session musician, being a member of the Will Gregory Moog Ensemble, working with synth maker UDO Audio and releasing her debut solo EP.

    People Oct 2023
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    Xylo Aria - Music Production for Women

    Music Production for Women | Podcast

    Online learning platform founded by Xylo Aria

    Xylo Aria talks about her personal journey as a music artist and how it gave her the incentive to create Music Production for Women.

    Music Business Oct 2023
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    Professor Rob Toulson

    Drum Science - Part 1 | Podcast

    The Science of Drum Sound

    In Part 1, we look at the key principles of drum acoustics and discuss some scientific aspects of drums with respect to making music and creative recording projects.

    Sound Advice Oct 2023
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    Eddie Bazil

    Creative Tools For Beats, Sequences & Mixes | Podcast

    Five Practical Examples

    Eddie Bazil dives into some of his favourite plug-ins and delivers a series of examples on how to use these tools creatively.

    Techniques Sep 2023
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    David Mellor

    Gain Staging - Episode 3 | Podcast

    Preparation for your mix

    In this third episode David continues looking at preamps, outlines the use of VU meters, and explains the benefits of balancing a track prior to mixing.

    Techniques Aug 2023
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    Dina Pearlman - The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

    ARP Synth Legacy | Podcast

    Dina Pearlman: running the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

    Alan R Pearlman founded Tonus in 1969, a company that would soon become ARP Instruments, and began producing synthesizers such as the legendary ARP 2500, 2600 and Odyssey.

    People Aug 2023
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    David Mellor

    Gain Staging - Episode 4 | Podcast

    Using Plug-ins during Mixing and Mastering stages

    In this fourth and final episode, David Mellor delves into Gain Staging your plug-ins and how to avoid clipping during the mixing and mastering stages.

    Techniques Aug 2023
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    Richard Evans - Listening To The Music The Machines Make

    Inventing Electronic Pop | Podcast

    Listening To The Music The Machines Make

    'Listening To The Music The Machines Make' - Inventing Electronic Pop 1978-1983, sets out to examine the multitude of influences that led to the synthpop revolution that spanned a five year period.

    People Aug 2023
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    Audio Engineering Society

    Audio Engineering Society 75th Anniversary | Podcast

    Developing Audio Standards

    In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the AES, President Bruce Olson talks to Hugh Robjohns about their history, their role in developing standards across the audio industry and their entrance requirements for new members.

    Music Business Aug 2023
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    Chris Clark aka Clark

    Clark - Sus Dog | Podcast

    Recording his new album

    Clark reveals how he got signed to Warp Records, his recording and production workflow, and how Thom Yorke ended up as a guest vocalist on his latest album, Sus Dog.

    People Jul 2023
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    Doug Rogers is President of EastWest

    EastWest ComposerCloud+ | Podcast

    Behind The Brand

    Doug Rogers is President of EastWest, the Soundsonline website and owner of EastWest Studios. Here he chats to Sam Inglis about what it takes to develop their award-winning sample library releases.

    Music Business Jul 2023
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    David Mellor

    Gain Staging - Episode 2 | Podcast

    The Recording Stage

    In the second episode David Mellor focuses on gain staging during recording, by balancing mic input, preamps and gain within your DAW to achieve the optimal sound level.

    Techniques Jul 2023
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    Paul White

    Sound Design Using Guitars | Podcast

    Creating Electronic Music

    Paul White takes us on a sonic journey as he explores the endless possibilities of sound design using a guitar as your sound source.

    Techniques Jun 2023
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    David Mellor

    Gain Staging - Episode 1 | Podcast

    Three Golden Rules

    David Mellor introduces us to Gain Staging in a brand new series of podcasts. In this first episode he explains the correct use of terminology and gives his three golden rules of Gain Staging.

    Techniques Jun 2023
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    Ricky Damian - MPG Awards 2023

    Ricky Damian - MPG Awards 2023 | Podcast

    Breakthrough Producer Of The Year Nominee

    Ricky Damian is a Grammy Award-winning Engineer/Producer who’s worked with artists such as Mark Ronson, Lady Gaga, Sam Smith, Adele, Dua Lipa, Yebba, Jorja Smith and Sampha.

    Music Business May 2023
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    Peter Wade - Revalver

    Peter Wade - Revalver | Podcast

    Revalving Amplifiers Today

    Peter Wade talks to Paul White about his route into the industry, from starting out as an electronics engineer through to opening his own valve amp repair company, Revalver.

    People May 2023
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    Lonelady (Julie Campbell)

    LoneLady Soundworlds | Podcast

    Punch-and-crunch electro

    Created on sequencers, synths and drum machines in a basement bunker beneath Somerset House, London, LoneLady talks to Caro C about the making of her third studio album Former Things.

    People May 2023
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    Paul White

    A History Of Guitar Synths | Podcast

    Evolution of the guitar synthesizer

    Paul White takes us through the history and evolution of guitar synths, from early attempts at creating onboard sounds and audio-to-MIDI pickups, through to using pedals and plug-ins to emulate synth effects.

    Sound Advice Apr 2023


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