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Sub51 Beyond Guitar

Beyond Guitar from Sub51

New library for Kontakt and Sampler X uses guitar samples as the basis of synth-style sounds.

Audix A127

Audix A127 unveiled

New microphone employs an unusual metal-film diaphragm, and is designed for ensemble recording and acoustic measurements.

M-Audio Oxygen 61 MkV

M-Audio update Oxygen range

New MkV MIDI keyboards boast Smart Scale and Smart Chord features, plus arpeggiator, note repeat and more.

Spitfire Symphony Orchestra Professional

Spitfire Symphony Orchestra goes Pro

Flagship orchestral library expanded, and now includes eight individual mic signals plus three mixes engineered by score mixer Jake Jackson.

Orchestral Tools Tallinn

Orchestral Tools launch Tallinn

New library comprises choir, chamber orchestra and organs, captured in the mediaeval Church of Niguliste, Estonia.

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