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KIT Plugins BB Chamber A reverb Blackbird Studio plug-in modelled moving ceiling

KIT Plugins release BB Chamber A

KIT Plugins’ latest collaboration with Nashville’s legendary Blackbird Studio has just arrived, and becomes the first of the company’s offerings to utilise AI technology


SUPERBOOTH24: Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Lab 2

The Voltage Lab 2 from Pittsburgh Modular is a self-contained modular instrument that boasts an all-analogue design but introduces some interesting new waveshaping techniques.

Sonuscore The Score all-in-one composer sample library melody chord progression generation tools

Sonuscore update The Score

The new update for The Score gives users more control over the behind-the-scenes technology behind the instrument while still keeping the focus on creativity rather than technical details. 

Brainworx bx_glue multi-band VCA compressor emulation plug-in

Brainworx launch bx_glue

The new bx_glue plug-in from Brainworx combines the sounds of classic British VCA compressors with some more modern functionality and multi-band processing capabilities. 


SUPERBOOTH24: Korg Berlin phase8

At Superbooth 2024 we caught up with Tats from Korg Berlin to check out the phase8, the latest prototype instrument which employs their innovative new acoustic synthesis method.


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