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Synthogy Ivory 3 German D modelled sampled piano RGB engine improved velocity timbre

Synthogy introduce Ivory 3 German D

Synthogy's latest virtual piano series boasts a new engine that promises to offer modelling-like expressive control whilst retaining the realism of samples.

Delta Sound Labs Fold 1.2 wavefolding distortion plug-in update

Delta Sound Labs update Fold

This latest free update for Fold introduces a new Tape Delay module, along with support for newer Mac and Windows operating systems. 

Dave Hill Crane Song Dave Hill Designs

Dave Hill (1954 - 2023)

Dave Hill, the audio electronics designer and founder of Crane Song and Dave Hill Designs, has sadly passed away aged 68.

Digit Music Cmpsr MIDI joystick button controller music making accessibility needs

Cmpsr joystick from Digit Music

This controller from Digit Music has been designed for users with accessibility needs and those looking for a different approach to instrument control. 

Hertz Drums virtual drummer software instrument sample replacement VST AAX AU

Hertz Drums virtual instrument

Hertz Drums promises to deliver authentic virtual drum parts that will surpass the expectations of even the most demanding users.

Bill VornDick vintage modern gear collection online auction

Bil VornDick’s gear collection on ANALOGr

Bil VornDick's extensive gear collection is being auctioned, with the proceeds of the sales going to the VornDick family and the Nashville Engineer Relief Fund charity.

GPU Audio Space & Time bundle graphics card powered audio processing plug-ins delay convolution reverb

Space & Time bundle by GPU Audio

GPU Audio have released new delay and reverb effects in their free Beta Suite series of GPU-powered PC audio plug-ins.


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