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Rob Papen eXplorer-9 software synthesizer effects plug-in bundle

Rob Papen announce eXplorer-9 bundle

The latest version of Rob Papen's instrument and effects bundle has arrived, along with a new version of Go2 and a re-release of Albino-3.

Techivation M-Blender spectral compression prevent frequency masking plug-in

M-Blender plug-in from Techivation

Techivation's latest plug-in uses a side-chain input to apply spectral processing to its input source and 'carve out' space to prevent frequency masking when the the two signals are mixed together. 

Alice PYE 4061S hardware feed-forward stereo outboard compressor

Alice PYE 4061S compressor now available

Ted Fletcher's latest compressor reapplies some of the work featured in his earlier opto compressor designs and combines it with the advantages provided by feed-forward technology.

Schwabe Digital Gold Clip clipper saturator compressor peak contour mastering mixing plug-in

Schwabe Digital update Gold Clip plug-in

The latest version of Gold Clip sports an updated user interface along with new oversampling options, a downsampling filter technique and some other user-requested features.

Waves Silk Vocal dynamics EQ automatic resonance removal mixing plug-in

Waves release Silk Vocal

Waves' latest plug-in aims to simplify and accelerate the vocal mixing process, and can automatically detect and tackle resonances across 2000 frequency bands. 


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