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Techivation T-Puncher transient shaper saturation plug-in

T-Puncher from Techivation

The latest offering from Techivation pairs a transient shaper with a variable saturation control.

Toontrack Hitmaker SDX

Toontrack release Hitmaker SDX

Includes six sampled kits and over 400 classic drum machine sounds from award-winning producer, mixer and engineer Hugh Padgham.

Zoom R12 MultiTrak announced

Zoom unveil R12 MultiTrak

Not only a multitrack recorder, the R12 has built-in rhythm parts and a playable synthesizer and can operate as an audio interface or DAW controller.

Audiomovers Omnibus

Audiomovers launch Omnibus

Exclusive to Mac, Omnibus allows audio routing between applications and can combine multiple audio sources into a virtual input.


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