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Martin Russ, long-time contributor and friend of Sound On Sound magazine.

Martin Russ Obituary

We are sad to announce the passing today of Martin Russ, long time friend and contributor to the magazine.

SampleScience Mellowson Mellotron-inspired virtual instrument

Mellowson & GlowPads by SampleScience

SampleScience's latest virtual instrument aims to provide new 'Mellotron' sounds rather than attempting to emulate the original instrument. 

ATC SCM25A Pro Mk2 three-way active professional studio monitor dome mid-range and tweeter

ATC introduce SCM25A Pro Mk2

The latest version of ATC's popular compact three-way active monitor utilises their own SH25-76S high-frequency driver, offering even lower distortion and greater high-frequency extension. 

Pro Tools SDK Software Development Kit automate tasks timeline operations exports

New Pro Tools Scripting SDK

Avid have released a Software Development Kit that will allow developers to create apps that automate repetitive tasks within the latest version of Pro Tools. 

Steinberg HALion 7 software sampling synthesis platform FM wavetable sampler softsynth

Steinberg unveil HALion 7

The latest version of Steinberg's powerful sampling and synthesis software platform introduces FM synthesis capabilities plus a range of modulation and effects improvements.

Gordon Reid AES webinar audio source separation technology

AES 'source separation' webinar

CEDAR Audio founder Gordon Reid will be delivering an AES lecture on the uses of source separation technology.  

Zoom UAC-232 32-bit floating point audio interface clip-free recording no gain setting

Zoom release UAC-232

Zooms latest interface uses 32-bit floating point technology to offer clip-free recordings without the need to set gain levels. 


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