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DPA 2012 2015 Compact Wide Cardioid SDC small-diaphragm condenser capacitor microphone live sound

DPA announce 2012 & 2015 microphones

Aimed primarily at live sound applications, DPA's latest small-diaphragm capacitor microphones offer the company's precise sound reproduction capabilties in a durable tour-ready body. 

Nektar Aruba Aura drum pad sequencer MIDI controller firmware Nektarine software update Record mode drum synths

Nektar’s Aruba pad controller updated

Firmware and software updates have kitted out Nektar's Aruba drum machine-style sequencer and pad controller with a new Record mode and three new drum synth instruments. 

TK Audio SP502 500-series microphone preamplifier selectable vintage modern Class-A transformer-balanced output

TK Audio unveil SP502 preamp

This 500-series preamp from TK Audio aims to deliver both vintage and modern tones by allowing users to switch between two separate output circuits. 

AIR Music Technology Vocal Effects Collection Doubler Harmonizer Tuner Distortion plug-in bundle

AIR release Vocal Effects Collection

The latest plug-in bundle from AIR focuses on vocal processing, offering pitch-correction and distortion effects along with tools that allow users to generate harmonies and unison parts from a single vocal track.

PreSonus Studio One 6.1 Professional Artist Prime Sphere DAW software upgrade update

PreSonus Studio One 6.1 arrives

The first major update to the latest version of Studio One expands the DAW's mastering, video and lyrics capabiltities, as well as introducing a range of features that include new colouring and macro options. 

HeadRush Prime guitar vocal multi-effects modelling cloning pedalboard harmony Antares Auto-Tune live studio system

HeadRush Prime modelling processor

HeadRush's new flagship pedalboard system greatly expands on the capabilities of its predecessor, boasting built-in amp cloning, new effects and amp models and onboard Auto-Tune processing courtesy of Antares.  

SynchroArts RePitch 1.1 vocal editing pitch-correction plug-in update ARA2 VST3 AU AAX

Synchro Arts RePitch 1.2 update

The latest version of RePitch introduces some new editing functionality and performance improvements along with a range of enhancements and user interface tweaks.


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