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ZOOM H5 & Hissing sound

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Re: ZOOM H5 & Hissing sound

Postby acxrw » Wed May 20, 2020 11:52 pm

Aww, thanks guys. For real.

I guess I'm hesitant right now because when submitting audiobook files - as well as basic automated checks and human listen, apparently they run some new tech check on submissions and TBH I think I've got a bit caught up in trying to iron out every kink - that's extant or the ones I just think might be there.

But the professional in me doesn't want to cock up my first submission on basics! Having said that, if I get feedback as to *what* needs changing (fingers crossed nowt, obvs) then at least I know what to fix.

Voice will probably be fine in the end, I'll just schoolboy it and upload the wrong file.
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Re: ZOOM H5 & Hissing sound

Postby Tim Gillett » Thu May 21, 2020 6:15 am

From 1986 I worked in audio book production for many years. Most of our production was at the four small studios which were normally two person productions. The Narrator was on one side of the glass and on the other, the Monitor operated the tape machine, made all the edits but also followed the text reading with their own copy as a kind of running proof read.

Your situation strikes me as much harder. You have to do everything yourself.

Compared to a 3 minute pop song, full length audio book readings are a huge marathon, often running to many hours for a full length novel. Small mistakes of one sort or another are bound to creep in at some stages. Our voices start to tire. Our concentration can fall off. It's good to set a timer and take regular breaks.

Even the best classical musicians in the world cannot play totally mistake free for entire lengthy performances. It's just not possible. It's only editing and other production tricks which have created the illusion in the public's mind that it is possible. The long form "perfect performance" is probably an edited performance.

So be encouraged. You seem to have an excellent reading voice and delivery. Don't be too hard on yourself whilst maintaining your high standard. Have you listened to other audiobooks from the same company as you are auditioning for? Were they all solo efforts like yours? Judged by the same high standards by which you judge your own performance how do they stack up..? ;)

All the best,
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Re: ZOOM H5 & Hissing sound

Postby Mike Stranks » Thu May 21, 2020 8:09 am

Just coming back on mics....

The NT1 (new version) is a truly excellent mic for the money - in my opinion of course. I rue the day I sold mine...

Get settled in with that and I think you're well set-up. You certainly have no need of getting on the 'different kit' merry-go-round. :)
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