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Travel Music sound through Zibgbee module using wireless protocol

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Travel Music sound through Zibgbee module using wireless protocol

Postby dermy65 » Tue Aug 14, 2018 12:39 pm

Hello is it possible to to travel any kind of sound through ZigBee device, I am trying to create the new project in which I am thinking to send the music sound via Zigbee transmitter which transmits the data to Zigbee receiver which is further connected with Arduino nano to play the music through speaker, till now I have only worked with sensors which are sending the data to Arduino through wireless communication but for doing with something unique solution, I need some expert advice to make it useful.
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Re: Travel Music sound through Zibgbee module using wireless protocol

Postby Wonks » Tue Aug 14, 2018 6:37 pm

The first thing to look at is the communications speed. Your best available speed is 250k bits per second, so at best you'll only be able to play back heavily compressed files, so probably 128kb/s at most (allowing for protocol overheads). I'm not at all sure of the protocol and the largest amount of information it can send in one packet (seems to be about 100 bytes, less if higher security modes are used), but it was really designed for wireless sensors, so there is a lot of other information that also gets sent with each packet, which will eat into the amount of music data that can be sent.

ZigBee is fairly low power tech, and is line of sight, so is very likely to be interrupted by people and furniture (especially if this is for personal use). It's strength lies in situations where there are multiple sensors transmitter/receivers in a fairly small location e.g. an office floor where there are several temperature/humidity/occupancy etc. sensors and alternate routes can be found to pass the message on. However, whilst this is fine for non-time critical messages, it is not where you are trying to relay a continuous stream of information, (or at least a chopped-up stream that is being sent over a larger bandwidth network where transmission delays can still be accommodated) and the sections need to be re-assembled in the correct order, even if some sections have been delayed through re-transmission.

But that maximum 250kb/s rate is only achieved by transceivers on the 2.4GHz waveband, a standard WI-Fi wavelength, so is there any reason why you aren't thinking of simply using a normal Wi-Fi connection to pass uncompressed audio data wirelessly?
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