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Audio quality of cable on field recording setup

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Re: Audio quality of cable on field recording setup

PostPosted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 2:10 pm
by John Willett
hcdjp wrote:Hey!

I appreciate all messages and suggestions. My initial intention, in order to avoid the XLR cables, was to connect the SD Mix Pre D with the Sony PCM50 through a 3.5mm analog cable.

I ended up giving up the idea of connecting the Mix Pre D and the Sony PCM D50 and instead, I traded my Tascam DR 60 for a Tascam DR 40, just because the DR 60 has a shape that is not very practical to fit into my bag.

I'm now going to look and use the angled XLR cables, no matter how incredibly expensive they are here in Brazil, mainly for its durability in a field situation.

To be honest, personally, I would consider selling the MixPre-D and getting a new MixPre-3 (or MixPre-3M) which includes the recorder internally - so you will only have to carry a single box without any of the linking cables. :thumbup:

You could then even get rid of the Sony as well.