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Portable voice amplifier using Bose Soundlink micro?

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Portable voice amplifier using Bose Soundlink micro?

Postby iandanforth » Wed Jun 03, 2020 10:17 pm


I'd like to rig together a portable voice amplifier similar to the cheap ones you see being used by tour guides, but with better audio quality. The best size/price/quality speakers I can find are the Bose Soundlink Micro, which have the added benefit of having a "party mode" so I can use two at once for greater volume.

My question however is about the capture side and is a *very very* basic question. Is there a way to plug a microphone into a phone and have it output over bluetooth to these speakers? I have a feeling this is an unusual configuration where I want sound capture via the headphone jack, but sound output via the connected speakers, but I am almost entirely ignorant in this realm so any information / ideas is appreciated!

If this *is* possible I'd also love recommendations on lav mics that are best used outdoors and which might help prevent reverb / wind noise etc.
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