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New Song "Honesty" - Slow-burning song with strings, mix feedback please.

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New Song "Honesty" - Slow-burning song with strings, mix feedback please.

Postby max1274 » Fri Feb 19, 2010 12:40 pm

Hi guys,

I have always had great feedback from this forum in the past so thank you for that. I was hoping I would be able to embed the SoundCloud player, but I can't get the code to work so basically our new song is available at these URL's:

It's called Honesty and this mix was mastered by Flow Mastering (whom I found on the SOS forums, I also had some sample masters done by some other excellent engineers from the mastering forum, so thank you to them too).

I had a tricky time doing the kick and bass guitar in the final section once the drums kick in. I think my monitoring is not ideal for this. I also found the acoustic guitar strumming (not picking) a little tricky to get right, I think it is a little harsh and possibly a bit monotonous in the track.

All feedback appreciated.

Song was recorded with Cubase SX and a Presonus Firepod. Mics were SM57's, Rode NT1-A's and vocals were recorded on an Audio Technica AT2020. Drums are a mixture of acoustic drums and Roland V-Drums. Mixed on my Alesis M1 Mk 2's. Strings were created using Konakt v2.


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Re: New Song "Honesty" - Slow-burning song with strings, mix feedback please.

Postby elfabyanos » Thu Feb 25, 2010 4:14 pm

I think you've done the kick and bass fine, but I'd agree about the acoustic guitars, I find its swamping the other elements like the sustain electric and the xylophone/gock (?) . Not sure how you'd cure it, but I'd start by going back to flat, not boosting any mids or high end and trying to bring out the plectrum just with compression, and see if you can get that to sit in the mix. And then sprinkle a bit of 7-10k on top if it needs it.

Hope this helps.
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