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Studiospare M2000 headphones

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Studiospare M2000 headphones

Postby groovelator » Fri May 14, 2021 5:25 pm

Hi. I've been using Studiospare M2000 headphones for ages (years) now. They seem nice to me & were recommended to me by a friend who creates very good mixes and masters, largely on these from what I can gather.

I wondered whether there had been any serious reviews or comparisons done with these inexpensive cans?

I am interested in using some of the headphone correction software available in order to get a more 'real world' environment for my own mixing efforts, but of course there is no profile to be found for these unfortunately. I find myself wondering if these cans are meant to mimic some of the more expensive big names, in which case I might be able to substitute one for the other if you see what I mean?
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Re: Studiospare M2000 headphones

Postby zimalsxko » Sat Jun 12, 2021 7:33 am

Do not be fooled. Whilst these headphones represent good value, do not confuse this with being on par with more expensive brand names as suggested in the video because this is frankly misleading. Within 30 seconds of listening in these headphones I agree that they give a flat response, but realised that they did not compare with my Beyer Dynamic DT 990's. Certainly it can be argued that the Beyer Dynamics are twice the price, but that is a small price to pay if it means the difference between hearing the bottom end of the mix or not hearing the bottom end of the mix. By listening through both my Beyer Dynamic DT990's, my DT250's and my studio monitors was enough to convince me that if you want to get a good mix, using these headphones is not necessarily going to give it to you and for your information Studiospares do not allow you to return them for a refund because of health and safety issues. This was a shame because I would have happily have purchased another pair of DT990's from Studiospares had they considered allowing me to return this pair which had been on my head for less than two minutes. Clearly I am some form of health hazard and I shall spend the rest of the day tolling a bell and declaring myself unclean! Likewise it would be good if Studiospares came clean and described them as being good value at the price point and not compare them to more expensive brands because they don't!
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