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The Modernist Collection - 5 Tuned Percussion instruments

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The Modernist Collection - 5 Tuned Percussion instruments

Postby Channel Robot » Thu Aug 22, 2019 5:27 pm

Available now from Channel Robot: The Modernist Collection

The Modernist Collection is a series of instruments aimed at providing beautiful simple interfaces that match beautiful, simple, and useful audio sampling.

The Modernist Collection has 5 different tuned percussion instruments:

- Glockenspiel
- Kalimba
- Marimba
- Vibes
- Xylophone

We have carefully sampled our instruments each with a classic articulation and then added three additional sample sets that use innovative different approaches to playing the instrument, things like rubber mallets, felt-covered mallets and brushes.

Simplicity and ease of use were our guides for this collection. Everything is laid out in a single page, all controls clear and simple to use.

We started with warmth and colour controls to allow colouration of the final output, then added a simple and effective arpeggiator to give you the kind of output a real percussionist would provide. We've included an innovative approach to delay, using our micro-delay engine, to allow easy development of trilled, and sustained sounds. Finally we added two convolution reverbs dedicated to room spaces to place the instrument in a realistic environment.

Each instrument comes with a range snapshots to get you started. Package includes VST, AU and Stand-Alone products.

Price £35.00 from

Audio Demo:
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